Toppling The Hierarchy

I’ve seen a growing trend in the thought leaders of the coaching industry recently…

“Long term results do not happen in short term containers”

It’s true, they don’t. But nor do they happen in long term containers. Or inside any container, course, or coaching package.

Results have absolutely nothing to do with any form of tupperware actually, or any teacher / coach / guide / healer / yoni shaman … and everything to do with YOU.
Hiring a coach for fifty gazillion dollars is the IMPLIED formula for success presented via this concept. But when that inevitably doesn’t work as a stand alone investment, it’s not difficult to understand why there are so many disillusioned & disappointed aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

I’m not knocking hiring a coach. I’m not knocking long term relationships. I’m not knocking charging whatever the hell you want to charge. I do all of these things! And I encourage you to do them too, because highly skilled masterful coaches who excel in their particular zone of genius can be exceptional catalysts for growth and invaluable sources of support.

BUT what I am knocking is the idea that parting with shit loads of cash repeatedly for long periods of time is somehow going to magic your own manifestation of people willing to do the same for you. <<< That statement alone is enough to understand why so many people call out the coaching industry (or parts of it) as a pyramid scheme. Looks and smells like it right?!

In some cases what you’re really paying for is PR. There, I said it.
I personally don’t believe this industry is a pyramid scheme. Nor do I believe it’s one great big con. BUT I do believe certain aspects of this industry have been overly, and dangerously, romanticised. And… we’re women… find me a woman who doesn’t fall for a bit of romanticism!!
But romanticism is the reason women were ridiculed in business in the first place, only now it’s not the men ridiculing us, it’s other women. And… to be honest, I don’t actually blame them, for SOME of their observations. However I will NEVER be on board with women tearing down women in the name of ethical awareness or “revealing the con”.

I’ve been fully swept up in the “pay a gazillion dollars for proximity” narrative, and I’ve also been fully swept up in the “the coaching industry is a pyramid scheme” narrative, AND, after a while I’ve found myself firmly in the middle, looking from the outside in, observing, witnessing, and shining a Light on it all. I’m a Priestess… that’s my job.

As a business woman of 16 years with businesses in multiple industries I’m also acutely aware of the terrible business and financial advice that’s been chucked around and poorly thought out.
In spite of all of that, I’m also mindful that my “success” might not be successful enough for some, and might be too successful to be relatable for others, to a point where my words might not hold weight.
Which, ironically, is a good thing. Because what I’m very very clear on is that I don’t want my voice to be yet another projected truth of dictatorship-vibe narratives. I want to help you take the “big wig coaches” and the money OFF the damn pedestal. I want to help you see your own power instead of losing it to what others are doing and saying.

I want to help you see yourself, like actually fully SEE your own light, and power, and potential.
I want to bring humanity into these conversations, and on to this platform.
I want to create a feeling of peace and non attachment in people when they’re lapping these stories up instead of it frazzling their nervous systems and triggering the not enoughness feeling that then follows.
I want to level the playing field, because EVERYONE has a place in this world, EVERYONE has a worthy voice on this platform, and NO ONE can claim their position in a hierarchy, or leverage that position, if the hierarchy ceases to exist.

That will only happen when we create the Sovereignty within ourselves to stay in our own damn lane, take everything with a pinch of salt, develop our own emotional intelligence, and treat ourselves with the same level of respect as those we revere on social media. 

The first key to this is witnessing yourself. With non-attachment, with neutrality and with an understanding that to know yourself, you must also know the part of you that witnesses the knowing of yourself. This is the skill of being able to step out of yourself in order to liberate yourself from the cage built by only ever witnessing the external. 

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