Tomorrow the big shift comes!


Tomorrow the shift comes (big angelic portal opening on 4/4 in case you missed the spiritual news)

Many are heralding this 444 portal as an angelic invasion of the most Divine kind, and yes much will change, and it certainly will install a lot of Light down here

But it may just add some fuel to that snowball that’s been building traction for some time

Now is the time to really think about what you want your new life to look like when we come through the other side of this global pandemic

The world will never be the same again

Even more massive changes are coming to the world as we know it

Corona is just the beginning

It’s a blessing I promise you, we’ve needed this lesson for a very long time

Fortunately I have a brand new training inside the School of Mastery which walks you through pioneering your brand new life using the energy of now, and next month we’ve got all the money magic stuff coming for you, necessary to finance your way through the mess to the New World

In our Corona response effort, we dropped the price of School of Mastery from £29 for 30 days to just £4.44 for 14 days

It’s our way of giving back a little to help people as we all navigate these unchartered waters

In a bid to practice what I preach, I too have been revisiting my Soul purpose, sitting in long silences listening to my deepest desires, and also signing up to learn from teachers all over the globe

A High Priestess is always humble enough to learn from everyone she encounters

… and I don’t wish to blow my own trumpet, and truthfully I’m not, because it’s not just me who teaches inside School of Mastery as we have TWO guest experts in every single month, alongside my own trainings, guided meditations, written guidance, and crystal support EVERY SINGLE MONTH… but the School of Mastery offers the best value to investment ratio I’ve ever seen on the internet!

In my very humble opinion, it’s possibly the best membership on the Planet for helping you master all sorts of different aspects of life and business

I’ll be appearing next week to do a feature Q&A session too which you could get in on, for just £4.44!

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Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what existing members have to say about School of Mastery:

“It has been TRANSFORMATIVE working with the astro seasons!! Committing to the daily meditations and ‘work’ has brought so many positive changes. I actually get EXCITED to fo it and it’s such incredible good value! Please do it forever, I’m signed up for life xxx” – Kate

“Since joining the SoM my self confidence in following my Souls paths has skyrockets. The meditations have helped immensely working on my subconscious. The masterclasses are always amazing and the Q&As have been fantastic at breathing through those tough times when you can’t seem to find a way out. Eternally grateful for the SoM :)” – Cherry

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My love always



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April 3, 2020