Today is the last day to enrol in the Money Consciousness Method!


The Money Consciousness method is an online programme designed to get you earning mega money, by following your Soul calling & Destiny blueprint… FAST. 

This is a bullshit free zone and your ego is not invited. Expect kick ass coaching, epic downloads, intuitive insights, and a whole host of expert masterclasses to get your business rocking whilst I, Harriette, upgrade your Money Consciousness and ensure you do the damn work, to open that money flow.

And this shit really works, hear it from Caroline:

“Working with Harriette has been an incredible experience for me. Her gift, amongst many, is being able to take complex subject matter around spirituality and consciousness and to articulate it simply and in ways that are applicable to you. I initially came to Harriette for business and mindset coaching but have got something so much more profound – a complete up-levelling of my consciousness. I have reconnected to myself at a soul level and been able to become much more conscious and aware of what I want from my life. I know what I am here to do and unapologetically own it. 

It is because of the work that I have done with Harriette that I have completely expanded myself at a soul level. I now own and am honest about my spiritual gift [rather than hiding it behind my corporate background] and have stepped up into my role as a Divine Leader.  

I have become focused and committed to serving  the collective consciousness of the planet and it is my work with Harriette that has really escalated this. I have learnt to lean on internal validation rather than external validation and feel there is so much I want to offer to the world and have been given the tools to do it.  

As I have uplevelled my consciousness so many areas of my life have improved – I have just had a month where I made £52,000, I am coaching at an unbelievable level, my intuition is through the roof and I am aligned and in flow with what I am doing. It has not been an easy thing to do and Harriette has pushed and supported me in equal measures. The world needs more people like Harriette. The difference she has made to me means I can now go out and serve and changes the lives of thousands [who knows even millions] of people. I am aware of myself as much more than a physical entity and my soul is heard, nurtured and expansive. Thank you Harriette, you beautiful soul. Thank you for your humour, your down to earth attitude, your honesty, your support, your love and your gift. You are my magic fairy and so very valued by me.” 


There are four modules which form the foundation to your elevation into Money Consciousness. Each component is designed to help you shift further into Abundance & Consciousness so you live in effortless ease, grace & flow with your Money. 

Plus there are three advanced bonus trainings worth $1867 (this is insane value… all completely for free when you join the MCM)

And three guest expert masterclasses (worth $4221… also for free!)

And of course live coaching from me! (worth £3333 – £6666… also for free!)

And I have promised to DOUBLE the number of calls you get with me (6 instead of 3) IF we double the number of people in the MCM by time we close the doors tonight!

Make sure you play a part in helping yourself, and everyone else, by jumping in right here before those doors close!

>>> The Money Consciousness Method <<<

Payment plan from £199. It’s your time. Let’s do this!

Love always

H xxx


Posted on

June 5, 2019