To those who say “I can’t afford it”…


To those who say “I can’t afford it”…

You’re not listening!

Well you are… but you’re listening to the wrong voices.

You’re listening to the voices that told you money is hard to come by, that money is hard work, that it requires hustle and stress and luck that only comes to a tiny few… the voices that have made you believe you’re not good enough, you’re not worthy, you’re not smart enough, or educated enough… the voices that told you you’ve got nothing to offer the world so you must find happiness in the tiniest of places and make do with that… that you came here to pay bills, scrape by, and die. And that’s it.

I want you to listen to a different voice.

Listen to the voice of hope & possibility. It’s in there somewhere. It might be just a whisper, but it’s there. 

The voice that says

Maybe there’s a different way

Maybe it is possible for you

Maybe magic is real

Maybe the world is changing

Maybe you are worthy

Maybe you are enough

Maybe you’re perfect just as you are

Maybe everything is happening for a reason

Maybe it’s all actually a blessing, you just can’t see it yet

Maybe you’re just waiting on you to take that first step

What happens when you take a step forward?

You move AWAY from the reality that’s been holding you back

All of a sudden you’re in front

All of a sudden you’re moving

All of a sudden you’re a little less attached to the beliefs that have kept you stuck

All of a sudden life begins to change

And bit by bit, slowly but surely, your world begins to change.

You feel lighter, more relaxed, hopeful and inspired.

Bits of money start to appear from unexpected sources.

And then a bit more. 

Until you witness and confirm it’s actually happening for you. It’s actually getting better!

And you feel more expansive and more abundant.

And more money starts to appear. Followed by opportunities, and fun conversations, and ideas that set your Soul on fire.

And you begin to feel real joy. Joy like you’ve never experienced before. 

Your knowledge of the world is transformed. The way you view the world is transformed. Your money is transformed.

Your LIFE is transformed. 

And you want to know what the best bit is? It can all happen in a matter of weeks and months. 

You just need to start listening to the right voices. Not the ones that got you to where you are now. Because those voices don’t work for you anymore.

You’re ready for something different. 

You’re not broke. You’re just refusing to see the opportunity in front of you and take the forward motion to find the resources necessary to take this crucial first step. Once you take that step, the rest is history.

I’ll see you in class later today!

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My love always



Posted on

January 13, 2020