To the first timers

When you’re at the beginning of your journey, it takes work to get off the fence. The decision to do something different and make steps towards changing your life is a terrifying one. Because even though you feel like you’re settling right now, it’s what you know. That’s always going to feel safer than leaping into the unknown. 

I remember the first time I invested in my personal development, like really remember it. The sickening feeling, the anxiety, the terror at the thought of doing something so different to what I was used to. It was only £149, and I put it on a credit card. The first time I’d used a credit card for anything that wasn’t “essential” or an “emergency”. And I didn’t tell anyone, because the shame was real. I don’t remember exactly what it was that got me off the fence, but I DO remember how emotionally charged the experience of spending that money was. From a marketing copy perspective it would be helpful if I could remember the thought process I went through that turned my no into a yes, but fuck marketing copy. I’m writing to you human to human. 

Investing in yourself when you’re not used to it is scary, end of. 
Doing anything that isn’t the norm for you comes with emotional charge. 
Actually feeling the emotions it creates is an act of courage. 

So if you’ve got that far, I commend you. Can I share with you what happens next? 

I don’t remember the content of that £149 course that popped my self investment cherry. I don’t even remember who it was by. But it changed my life. Because once I’d taken that action, done something different, dared to dance with the unknown, I stepped into an entirely new energetic way of being. One that allowed me to see that the unknown is far safer than we think it’s going to be. One that held me accountable to my own experience. One that showed me I’ve got my own back and the most risk free investment I could ever make is in ME. 

Since then I’ve invested tens of thousands, and continue to do so. Investments that never fail to return to me ten fold. Be that through cash flow, opportunity, lessons necessary to embody my Soul purpose or something else from the myriad of ways abundance can flow to you. A lot of the time it’s still scary, but never as much as that first time. 

Here’s the secret though, that first time is all you need to open the floodgates. Once you get over that first hurdle, your energy shifts. You realise that all your needs are met, and all your desires are fulfilled. YOU don’t need to fulfill them, you just need to take action from a place of trust and faith. 

The Money Consciousness Method Lite is designed to make that first time investment easier. You deserve to move yourself into that place of total trust and faith. 

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Love always,