To the fence sitter… i see you i feel you i AM you


Today is the last day to join the Soul Money Mastermind as the first group call is tomorrow

If you haven’t yet heard about this epic opportunity, where the hell have you been?! ?

Generally when the doors open to work with me, people fall into two main categories:

  • The head-first type who jumps straight in, and starts blowing up my phone getting as much of me as she can! LOL!
  • The observer who waits to see what is happening for everyone else before she commits, just to be doubly triply quadruply sure that this is what she wants and this is undoubtedly the next step for her

So my head first tribe… I hear you, I see you, we’re already making waves!

Camilla has flown herself half way around the world to train in something highly exclusive which will launch her to the top of her industry here in the UK

Lorraine and I mapped out a way for her to make a casual 100k from retreats whilst she works a full time job as a lawyer

Mia is tapping a whole new niche of entrepreneurs and saving people before they drive themselves mad with fear-based mentalities

Christine found her zone of genius in call one and is now formatting her knowledge to reach a whole audience of people she’d never previously considered

Indianna has chosen to jump in with the complimentary tech calls and is building out her websites and funnels with my team before having her first strategy call with me (yes this is an option too)

Rachel has already sold out her retreat just weeks after our first coaching sesh and is now building out more programmes and offerings to meet the demands of her audience

Carly ramped up her prices in an epic way and had three people come to her for her $997 package. Can I get a “return on investment even before the first group call” salute please?!

Krissy has mapped out an ingenious way to fill her upcoming event whilst making money along the way, and how to maximise profitability from the event. We’re aiming for 50k in 3 months, and almost half of that is already achieved!

And I could continue but you get the point. This ALL before the first group call. 

Previous mastermind clients have gone on to have 6-figure and multiple 6-figure businesses, reached dizzying heights of soul fulfilment and pinch me moments, birthed exciting new relationships, partnerships, and even real babies… and most stay in personal contact with me and I celebrate their successes with them on a regular basis.

Which begs the question… why haven’t you joined us yet?

The Soul Money Mastermind demands the following criteria from you:

?You must be making money in your business or have other revenue streams available to support you and the investment.

?The investment is £1111 per month for three months minimum, after which you can choose to stay as along as you like on a monthly rolling basis, and roll out once you’ve got everything you need from me, the team, and your tribe.

?You must be willing to show up and do the work.

We include a hell of a lot in these containers to make sure you get the results you desire. Including:

✅Monthly Membership access – for magical coaching, guidance & support

✅1 x 1 Hour 1:1 session with me per month

✅One online group Zoom training call per month – this is your time to be taught, coached, and ask all your questions about life & business.

✅Weekly individual accountability calls with my team –  to keep you laser focused (this is absolute gold for keeping you on track)

✅ 2 x 1Hour 1:1 Tech calls per month – with my team to help you with all your tech & energy Qs

✅A Numerology report from your Priestess (that’s me) ?


✅ Access to specially curated content from the Ask Harriette Archives while enrolled in the Mastermind.

Learn even more on your own time. We’ve selected the best of the best, highest-value Ask Harriette trainings & our guest expert trainings, to ensure you are fully versed in EVERYTHING you need to guarantee your success.

You’ll also have access to recordings of all of our live calls.

The pay in full option also includes:

✅1 x 1 hour Copy Writing session

✅1 x 2 hour Kinesiology session

Questions? Reply ASAP! 

Doors are closing imminently. 

All the info you need and the registration form is here:

>>> Soul Money Mastermind <<<

I know what it’s like to sit on the fence, but trust me, eventually staying stuck there is going to the BIGGEST pain in your backside. 

Don’t watch the other members rise to success whilst you fret from a distance. Join us. Have it for yourself.

It’s your time. And you’re ready.

I’m with you all the way.

>>> Register for the Soul Money Mastermind <<<

My love always



Posted on

October 2, 2019