To all my fellow powerhouses…


To all my fellow powerhouses

You’re a light

You’re a light so fucking bright you cause people to break out in rage, anger & judgement

You’re a force

You’re a force so powerful you ignite a reactive rebellion against your truth

You’re a pioneer

You’re a pioneer so far ahead people think you’ve walked clean off the edge of a cliff

Truth is they just can’t see what you see

They can’t know what you know

They can’t do as you do, feel as you feel, think as you think, serve as you serve

You’re a powerhouse mama

You’re here to change the world

You’re here to shine the brightest light on the darkest fucking shadows

They won’t always get you, or understand you, or even accept you

But I do

I see you

Fellow powerhouses, fellow lightworkers

I see the work you do, the light you bring, the messages you share, the stories you unravel

I see your commitment to your vision, to your destiny, to your Soul’s work

And I have this to say to you, as mirrored to me this morning by one of my mentors Lisa Lister:

Don’t give your power to anyone who doesn’t deserve it

You don’t need to explain anything, validate yourself to anyone, or prove a point

You won’t ever be able to force people to recognise your Truth

Your job is to hold yourself as powerful, stay strong in your Truth, and when they’re ready they will come to you

And they will come

They will have to. Because the world can’t hold them as they are.

But you can.

You are the power. You are the light. You are the reason we stand up and fight.

Stay strong fellow Souls. I see you.

My love always



Posted on

September 17, 2020