This Wasn’t Even a Thing Ten Years Ago!

Happy Thursday!

So last night I was reflecting on my own business self-development journey of the last 14 years, and I asked myself, why would I want to join the School of Mastery?


Thing is, something like the School of Mastery didn’t even exist 11 years ago when I started getting serious about improving the state of my business, and then a few years later, the state of my entire life. 


Knowledge, coaching, mentoring was scattered all over the internet, and it was bloody expensive and hard to come by. 11 years ago I was still dialling into to old school tele-seminars to get my hands on knowledge and it wasn’t cheap either. I remember paying $5000 for 12 teleseminars, about 90mins each, to learn about psychological marketing techniques and really icky sales tactics (nothing like what I teach, share and implement now). Frankly it was gross, but abundance simply did not exist in that world. 


The journey to get to where I am, to become who I am today has taken a long time because I’ve had to travel many different roads to get here. If you’re new here, I’m a self-made millionaire changing lives across the globe, creating financial and spiritual abundance for my clients, whilst living a life of total ease, grace & flow.


Part of my Soul mission is speed. I struggled like hell to see results initially. It took years and years and years to even see flickers of my desires coming in to fruition. When I asked for help from SHE (Source / God / Universe / Angels), my work began to accelerate fast, and these days I quantum leap regularly. 


And I do it with this promise on my heart: Show me how to do it fast and I promise I’ll pass it on to others. 


I’m an avid learner and researcher anyway. I was always the teachers pet in school, so in the 9 years I’ve been seriously doing self-development work, and in the 14 years I’ve been in business, I have learned and applied a lot. I have also quantum leaped some impossible things. 


  • From almost bankrupt to self-made millionaire in three years
  • From narcissistic abusive relationships to Soul mate marriage in one year
  • From 2k months to 20k months in half a year


I know speed and quantum leaping. I do it very well. 


NOTE: Speed and quantum leaping does not mean glossing over the work. IT doesn’t mean operating at surface level or being shallow with the shadow work. Avoidance and dismissal to not equate to quantum leaps. 


Quite the opposite actually. 


The deeper you go, the faster you go. 


And what I know for sure is this:


+ We all have depth

+ We all have shadows

+ We all have the power to alchemise our darknesses into epic abundance


If abundance isn’t happening for you, there’s likely some dark alleys you haven’t dared wander. 


But WHICH dark alley?


Is it money stuff?

Self worth stuff?

Relationships and boundary stuff?

Soul purpose stuff?

Procrastination and perfection stuff?

Patriarchally conditioned beliefs?

Mother / father / healer wounds?

Inherited patterns?

Remnants of abuse from times gone by?

Is it an absence of knowledge somewhere?


There’s so many possibilities for where you’re blocking abundance. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 


I guarantee you, unearthing the shadows of one of these alleyways will reap massive rewards. 


But WHERE do you start?


You start in the School of Mastery – your monthly membership to abundance. 


You can turn over every single one of these stones inside the School of Mastery, and more. We’ve left no alleyway undiscovered. If there’s potential for abundance, we’ve found it, delivered a training or meditation on it, and popped it in ‘The Library’ in the School of Mastery so you can explore to your hearts content. 


The more you explore, the more you discover, the more you begin to quantum leap to epic new levels of abundance in both life and business. 


I can’t stress this to you enough…. a decade ago, turning over all these stones in the space of 30 days was completely and utterly impossible, unless you had tens of thousands of dollars to throw at all the tele-seminars of all the coaches who were hell bent on niching like crazy (insider tip: niching is so done). 


You might have done one series for digital marking. Another one for relationship counselling. Another for money mindset (although I’m not entirely convinced that existed ten years ago either). You get my drift? And each of these avenues would have cost you thousands. 


I’ve invested the money, done the work, turned over all the stones, explored all the alleyways, and condensed ALL of my experience and knowledge into one epic AF container called the School of Mastery for just £194. For YOU. So you can do everything you need to do in one place. 


Don’t take 14 years to get to where I am Ellie. When I started out in business, I resisted all the courses, all the help, all the support, all the coaching. I just couldn’t quite wrap my head around the idea that I would pay people to help me. Wasn’t I supposed to figure it out on my own? (OMG how naive I was!!)


When I finally dipped a toe in the self-development world, it was hard going, because tele-seminars ….. LOL


But once the industry started to pick up, and I really picked up my commitment to myself, and to SHE, and to my Soul purpose mission to help as many people as possible… well then it all began to change with rapid speed. 


Like I said… I quantum leap very well. I also love teaching on it. 


The doors are closing this weekend. I would hate for you to miss this opportunity. Of all the courses / programmes / memberships in the world, I truly believe this one offers the most insane value. 


Over £40,000 ($57,000) worth of training, coaching, mentoring, & support for just £194. You can’t make it up. I’d say it’s too good to be true, but it IS TRUE. Because that’s my Soul mission. I am here to help you, serve you, change your life, and walk with you (if you want to upgrade your membership to the Quantum level).


Ellie, I’m giving you my two signature programmes on money mindset and abundance consciousness. I’m giving you WEEKLY accountability calls with our in-house accountability angel (she’s a dream and a master manifestor, you’ll love her). I’m giving you the entire back catalogue of everything that’s happened in the School of Mastery since it was born in October 2019. I’m giving you my life changing mediations. I’m giving you monthly live training with me or a guest expert. I’m giving you a community of 100s of like-minded Souls all on the same path to quantum leaping their way to abundance. 


I’m giving you all this for £194. 


Why? Because I made a freaking promise that if it happened for me, I would make it happen for others. This is my Soul mission. It’s not fun being abundant AF on your own lol. Talk about dull. I want you there with me. 


I want to show you what’s possible for you. 


I want you to believe in your heart what is possible for you. 


I want you to step out of the world that holds you back and step IN to the world which pushes you forward. 


>>> That world is here <<<


Doors close in just a few days. PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS. 


My love always