This one’s for the coaches out there…


How long do you spend sifting through a client’s ego stories to find the root of their problem?


How many “I don’t know’s” do you have to guide them through before the lightbulb finally goes off?


How many times have you questioned your own coaching ability because you’re almost at the end of a client’s package with still so many unanswered questions?


You’re not asking the wrong questions, the answers are just being given in the wrong language. Universe doesn’t speak in words. 


It speaks in numbers. Through the ancient, powerful language of Numerology. Once you understand it, you can answer ANY question in a matter of moments.


For the relationship coaches…


Imagine the power of being able to show your clients exactly why they’ve come into each others lives. Their numerology will show how one person supports the other, how they can work together to create a harmonious, loving and fulfilling relationship and what unique lessons they were destined to bring to the other to help them grow.

Imagine how understanding this would empower them to work WITH their challenges, and to quickly figure out the highest path for themselves.


For the money coaches… 


We all have a right and responsibility to abundance, but not everyone knows how to claim it, because how we receive that abundance is different for each of us. Numerology allows you to easily see exactly where abundance lives in your client’s chart and how they are most likely to call it in. Now you understand how all my 1-1 clients shift into massive financial growth within months of working with me.


If you help people find and live out their soul purpose, well frankly, you probably already know how to read numerology, but if you don’t, do yourself a favour and let me teach you because this is literally what a numerology chart is for!


For the life coaches… 


Helping someone through anxiety, grief, anger or any low vibration emotion for that matter becomes so much more fluid and impactful with the understanding that all of these feelings are born out of fear, and fear lives in our karma. It’s what we pull through from a past life, and understanding our karma helps us to understand why we manifest certain experiences in our lives. These experiences appear to teach us how to navigate our karma and eliminate the presence of fear for the highest greatest good.


The soul number is hugely powerful for helping a client with identity and self acceptance. It shows us what that person thinks about themselves and how they see themselves. How easy would it be to help someone shift into self love when you can see exactly WHY they don’t love themselves right now without the need to sift through their ego stories to get to the bottom of it.


You didn’t think we ACTUALLY came to Earth without an instruction manual did you? We did, it’s called your numerology chart. Your birthDATE is your birthdayDAY gift to yourself to help you move through life fulfilling all your soul contracts and achieving your destiny.


Unlock those answers.


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My love always,

Harriette xxx


Posted on

February 14, 2020