This Is Why You’re Not Experiencing Your Desires

So I just had a bit of a rant on Instagram because people (and this could include you) aren’t allowing themselves to access credit (or more credit) in order to have what they want

So here’s the thing

Using credit to level up to access the most fulfilled abundant highest level version of yourself is kinda essential 

It’s Law

Specifically the Universal Law of Abundance, which states we all have a Right and a Responsibility to Abundance 


Allowing yourself to want what you want and HAVE what you want, and go after what you want is kinda essential

That’s also Law

The Universal Law of Co-Creation

It’s impossible to manifest your desires, or fulfil your life purpose if you don’t allow yourself to want what you want

So here’s how it’s been going down this morning…

Instagram person: I really want to do your Money Mindset System… do you think you could keep enrolment open until the end of the month?

Me: Probably not honey, why do you ask?

Instagram person: I don’t want to have to use my credit card, and I don’t get paid until the end of the month

Me: Isn’t that what a credit card is for? To provide abundant streams of energy to support you in having what you want?!

^^^ THIS!

Why do we make it OK for cash to support us? But it’s not OK for credit to support us?

When I first got into debt about five years ago, it was because three of my employees (one of which was actually an ex-boyfriend) stole my client base from me and set up a competing company less than one mile away.

They failed at business. Obviously. But that’s not the point.

Overnight I went into almost £60,000 worth of debt.

And that debt quickly spiralled as I tried to dig my way out of a hole, into £100,000 of debt.

Realising chucking money at money wasn’t going to get me anywhere, I started chucking money at myself (not literally, although that would have been epically fun… and now I need to run to a cash point so I can play with this idea ?)

A N Y W A Y 

I started invested HARD in me… in my self development, spiritual development, business growth, personal growth… I went ham on the expansion vibes

I also went a little nuts and ended up in almost a quarter of a million pounds worth of debt

But the banks kept opening those credit lines for me, and I was still paying back my minimums

As my debt was increasing, so was my income, so I figured, eventually, with a LOT of self belief, it would come full circle and I’d be more on the up than on the down

Over this three year period, I invested in every single money course out there

I hired all the coaches, I wore all the t-shirts, I tried and tested every single tool I could get my hands on

And I invented some new ones

And three years later, I paid off every single penny of that debt, bought a one million pound home, and then guess what…


Because a mortgage is debt right?! But some people think a mortgage is OK but a credit card is not?!


Honey it’s all the same!!

And even though I paid off all my credit cards, fast forward to today, and I have a credit card with a 30k balance on it

And I could pay it off tomorrow if I wanted to

But I don’t want to

Because it’s actually healthy to have a balance on your credit card

It’s healthy to build that energetic relationship with money, and with your bank

It’s actually super smart to anchor in the reality that Abundance is available to you in all forms from all sources

Don’t you see?

Being scared of debt is being scared of Money

The frequency is the same

So if you’re scared to enter into a little bit of temporary debt in order to invest in yourself in order to acquire more Abundance, then guess what…



I learned this the hard way so you don’t have to

Embrace the credit lines the Universe is opening up for you

Don’t be scared to ask for more

Don’t be scared to ask for support

You DeSERVE to be Abundantly supported

You have a Right and a Responsibility to Abundance

And you also will do a lot better at this whole money sitch if you have the Money Mindset System at your disposal to work through all the fears and actually make a difference to your bank balance

I’m not saying you have to get in to 250k of debt. In fact I don’t recommend it at all. That was borderline insanity. But boy did it pay off!

What I am saying though, is don’t be scared of doing something different in order to allow yourself to want what you want!

Love Always



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January 17, 2019