This is where humanity is heading…


Good morning from New York.

Where does one even begin? Today is my 31st birthday!

Today also marks the launch of my new branding, website, and services.

The Money Mindset Coach and the fluffy pink website is no more.

The High Priestess of Light & Consciousness is born, in full blazing red power, crystal crown, and rose lineage.

>>> Check out the new website here <<< 

(recommend you view on a desktop until we’ve tweaked the mobile site)

For me, the year of 31 is a 4 year (3+1=4)

4 is the energy of service, and even though I’ve been in service for many years as the leading Money Mindset Expert and Coach in the UK, and as a Priestess, spirit / Universe / Source wanted more from me this year.

They wanted me to step up even higher, with even more power, determination, consciousness, belief, impact, influence, and humility. 

Actually, they wanted me to show up in a fucking red wedding dress, a wonder woman arm band, and spikes coming out of my head.

I mean. Really. Did they miss the part where I’m British and ordinary and used to be bullied for being different? Jeez.

So I ordered the gown, and put together a new bright red branding palette. And got the team on board. And did the damn thing. And caught myself laughing hysterically on set for the photo shoot at just how “out there and absurd” it all was. But knowing on the inside it was 100% necessary.

It’s always bloody necessary. Because if the world is going to wake up, and pay attention to me, then I literally need to be waving a bright red flag in their faces. 

So here we go. Stepping up and doing the things no one else has ever done before. Navigating a whole new world. Shining the Light as I carve the path so others can follow. Stumbling around in the dark and daring to fall off the cliff, just to make it safer and easier for others, as they step in to their own Lights.

We are hurtling at full speed now through the Age of Aquarian. The patriarchy is crumbling around us, and somewhere above, or beyond, but definitely within reach, is Light Consciousness.

Imagine you’re in New York city and buildings suddenly start crumbling around you, and as you look up all you can see is dust and crumbling debris, and you’re struggling to breathe or move in the chaos, and it’s all foggy and dark, you feel panicked, and lost, and frightened, and you don’t know what to do… but you know, above the chaos somewhere is the sky… and the fresh air… and the freedom… and you ache for the sweet relief and release of sunlight and clear skies and peace.

That is where we are headed. To the sweet relief of freedom.

But right now it can feel as if there’s too much noise, and debris, and chaos, and suffocating fumes, and confusion, darkness, panic, anxiety, and a never ending hailstorm of shit.

It’s OK. I got you.

I’m no wonder woman. I’m no saint.

But I am a High Priestess of Light & Consciousness, and it is my promise on my 31st birthday to always serve, as a vessel for Source and Spirit, to lead, to guide, and heal.

Sometimes I’m harsh. Sometimes I say things you won’t like. Sometimes I’ll do things you won’t like.

But take my word for it. I do it all for you.

Sometimes it would be a lot easier to do things for me. To be selfish. And unavailable. To not give a shit.

Sometimes when I’m hard on you, it kills me a little.

But I always always ALWAYS act for the greatest highest good of all humanity. Always. 

Thank you for letting me in to your world, your inbox, your energy, and your life to allow me to serve.

It truly is an honour to walk the Priestess path, and to be of High Service.

Thank you for helping me lead my life the way I was supposed to.

Now, let me help you. 

Go check out the new website and grab whatever you need, whether it’s a freebie (hint, there’s a new one on there), or a virtual coffee date with me (serious candidates only please), or the money manifesting bootcamp, or a registration for my Soul Sister Mastermind waiting list.

And there’s more coming. Not a LOT more, but something big you will want to keep you eyes on.

In fact, mark May 23rd in your diary. Just trust me on that one. 

>>> The High Priestess of Light & Consciousness Coach <<<

My love always

Yours in service

Harriette Hale

High Priestess of Light & Consciousness Coach


Posted on

May 3, 2019