This is what radical self love looks like


Radical. Self. Love.

Sounds great, in theory. Agonisingly painful to actualise. Why? Because we are conditioned to be less than, accept less than, and have less than.

Ultimately resulting in debilitating self sabotage. Which is far more ‘normal’ and frequent than radical self love.

Which explains EXACTLY why such a small percentage of the world are successful, wealthy, abundant, and genuinely fulfilled in all areas of life.

The difference between where you are now, and where you aspire to be is this: Radical. Self. Love.

Radical self love means putting your dreams first.

It means not listening to anything that isn’t in alignment with your dreams.

It means not settling, and never giving up.

It means putting money, time & commitment into your dreams.

It means having non-negotiable boundaries around your dreams.

It means doing it NOW.

It means taking the actions that scare the crap out of you.

It means not listening to rational logical reason (even if it’s coming from your loved ones)

It means doing things you’ve never done before.

It means taking big leaps.

It means believing in the dream above all else.

It means fierce commitment to your self.

It means going a lil bit crazy

Actually it means going a lot crazy. Creating an entirely new path for yourself.

Refusing to copy anything that takes you away from your authenticity. It means holding yourself accountable

You know else will believe in your dream above all else and hold you accountable to it?

Mia, our in house Ask Harriette Certified Coach. My 1-1 spots for January are sold out, but you can still sign up to work with Mia.

And don’t be fooled by the fact she’s not me… I’ve trained her fully in all of my methods, she’s conscious and spiritual AF and she’s been working by my side in my Priestess Pods & Soul Money Mastermind, getting insane results!

If you’d like a taste of what working with her 1-1 can do for you, just hear what Louise and Pernille have got to say after just 1 month with her…

“Working with Mia as been the best investment in my business this year. She has truly helped me to a new level. Holding the space, asking the right questions, helping me undercover the reason for upper limiting and heal the wounds. Mia is warm, caring and super sharp. She has helped me with my mindset, upper limits, strategy for growth and launch of my next level online course, energy and helped me see all the things I create from my high vibe. 

If you’re looking for a coach be smart and sign up with Mia.

And Mia, thanks for the bottom of my heart.”

Pernille Birkenfeldt

MoneySoul Coach

“Working with Mia has been incredible for me and my business. At the start of our time together I had a couple of blogs and the intention of setting up a business, but I had serious blocks about taking the steps. With Mia’s help I now have a full website set up, a work with me page and an email campaign. I have more certainty in what I am doing and a belief in my capabilities. 

Being held accountable weekly and having someone to work things through with, condensed the amount of time it would have taken me to reach this point. I could have been working and procrastinating for months before even starting to make the progress I achieved in just 1 month with Mia. 

Thank you so much for your help!”

Louise Darby

Life Coach

Currently you can work with Mia for just £111 per session (or £88 per session if you sign up for a 4 week package). On January 1st, I’m bumping her up to £222 per session. Her introductory, welcome to the team investment is officially expiring – I told you it would!

But you still have time, sign up for as many sessions or packages as you like before the end of 2019 to lock in the 2019 investment, and receive your coaching in 2020. 

<<< YES I want to work with Mia >>> 

My love always,

Harriette xxx


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December 17, 2019