This is still out there, it breaks my heart

You’ve probably heard by now that my biggest ever FREE dollah event is coming up on the 17th May, so naturally, we’re welcoming in LOTS of new people to the family via ads. This morning I woke up to this comment on one of them… 

“Desiring more cash is the root of all evil” 

And my heart sank that this type of mindset is still so rife. I don’t believe anyone who’s been in my world for longer than a few weeks still believes it’s the root of all evil, BUT it did get me thinking about some of the things I’ve been hearing recently from clients and the gram. 

Still too often I hear of you struggling with the concept of debt, or using credit cards/loans to help you get where you want to be faster. 

Making decisions on the upfront cost rather than the long term ROI and letting that initial fear hold you back is still so frequent. 

In fact, fear in general around spending money in any capacity is still far too common. 


NONE of this honours the Law of Abundance, and it blocks your financial flow, thus “proving” yourself right and prolonging the belief system that keeps from the type of spiritual and material wealth that can have you loving life and changing the world. 

Until I’ve got you fully expressed in your unique version of absolute abundance, you won’t stop hearing from me about this.

There’s still so much work to be done. Which is why I’m doing yet another free event dedicated to upgrading your coin consciousness and freeing you from scarcity, fear and doubt when it comes to creating the type income you desire and deserve. 

I want EVERYONE to be accessing the experiences they wish for, without making it mean going without somewhere else. 

I want you to be accessing the support you deserve to have, without making it mean there’s less for you. 

I want everyone in my orbit to be investing in their Soul mission whenever the opportunity presents without it meaning you spend the next days/weeks/months having anxiety over spending the moolah. 

What if you really could spend without anxiety? What if you could hold a balance on your card without it triggering an emotional response? What if that balance was viewed as simply another stream of abundance there to support you as you evolve further into your expression of Source, and all the good that comes from you being fully expressed? 

Imagine, for a second, that the balance on your card didn’t even bother you because the abundance coming in pays for it easily, effortlessly and gracefully, as well as covering all your other bills, meeting all your other needs and fulfilling all your other desires.

It’s possible. I want to make it possible for you over 6 days, starting on May 17th, entirely for free. 

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Love always,