Why I Have No Regrets For Closing Down My Most Successful Membership with Over 100 Members

Hey babe! Got a story for you… and some permission to follow your Soul when your ego is telling you she batshit cray cray!

In October 2018 I launched the School of Mastery with 50+ member sign ups OVERNIGHT and watched it quickly grow to over 100 members. As a team and as a community we POURED into that space, until one day it just stopped feeling aligned.

It made absolutely no sense to close it down when it was bringing in so much recurring revenue, but Soul-led, rule-defying, expansive-AF businesses, aren’t built on what makes sense… they’re built on “my Soul said YES and I trust her”.

Having the nerve, the courage, and the guts to play outside the box, to scribble outside the lines, and to take financial risks, is what differentiates successful entrepreneurs from hobbiest business owners (I’m not knocking hobbiest business owners by the way…. perfectly valid way to make money, I’m just not one of them).

Entrepreneurs MOVE. We grow, we evolve, we change continually, even when we don’t want to, and it’s scary AF. By our very energetic makeup we’re wired to pour from our Soul into our creations…. and when Soul stops pouring that’s when we need to listen, stop, pivot, and make changes, often the ones that send our ego into a spiral and make us question our sanity. 

BUT, when we trust ourselves to burn off anything that’s even slightly misaligned, BEAUTY & POWER grows from the ashes of ego death.

What once WAS the School of Mastery eventually sprouted the seedlings of a new space, a new community, one which had a very different frequency….


In the devotion to my own Soul truth, and at the expense of my ego whose only interest was money money money and “perceived” stability, I found a depth of service and a depth of understanding I realised I could share with others to THEIR benefit, as well as my own.

Chasing strategic financial strategy is great, but not when it kills your Soul. DEVOTING to something bigger than you creates an energy of give AND receive, the by product of which is MORE Money. Obviously. 

DEVOTION however is more than just a frequency… it’s a skill, an art form, an alchemical magic that does more to move the needle than any strategy on the Planet. 

DEVOTION is transformational, and it can’t be achieved solo. 

Think about it… when we devote to something, we’re immediately IN RELATIONSHIP with something or someone else. The frequency of Devotion is the sum of two or more parts. 

When we try to practice devotion on our own, we inevitably fail, but when we practice devotion in community, we’re held to a standard of accountability that holds us up, holds us open, and holds us to succeed. 

In my own willingness to fail I unwittingly created a space for others to succeed. I devoted to something bigger than me and the result is that we all win. 

>>> THE TEMPLE is that place. <<<

If you recognise that devotion is the frequency that’s missing in your life and business, and if you’d like to have DAILY support tapping into it and holding it, The TEMPLE is the place for you!

The day devotion becomes your revolution is the day your life changes. 

>>> Read all about The Temple here <<<

> A Telegram group is the architecture which holds our online conversations

> An online members dashboard holds all your trainings & meditations (previously known as the School of Mastery)

Every single Friday you get to plug in with Harriette and receive personalised coaching… 50 times a year! Ask whatever you need in the dedicated Telegram group.

> Receive a £77 voucher as a gift, every month, to use towards classes & courses of your choice

> And receive additional mini-trainings, channeled messages, sermons, ceremony practices, thoughts, perspectives, behind-the-scenes, and more from Harriette, direct to the Telegram group

> Choose to stay for 3 months, or for a whole year. Pay in full or pay monthly. PIF bonus is a 3 day 1:1 coaching intensive with Harriette (& Chloe if you desire) worth £1555.

> All for £188/month 😱 (price will increase at the next launch but the price you pay is yours for as long as you stay)

In the ancient temples it was sacred practice to make sacrifices and offerings to the powers that be.

In this temple there is only one sacrifice we ask of you:

That you sacrifice who you once were for who you are becoming

And that you offer your whole self, your true self, and nothing but your unapologetic self to the whole world as your gift of thanks for this wonderful thing we all call Life!

 Imagine the version of you who moves the needle every damn day, who plugs into inspiring conversations, who delights in self-leadership, and navigates the challenges of life like a boss. 

Imagine the you who has a steadily growing business and online presence. 

 Imagine the version of you who feels confident in a room full of other ambitious women. 

Imagine the you who knows she has unconditional love and support from her Temple tribe when she’s having a down day or something knocks her crown. 

Imagine the you who can collapse time and bounce back from every single wobble.

Imagine the you who isn’t scared to make big moves, who uses that £77 monthly gift voucher to leap head first into the next classroom and deepen her knowledge and expand her skill set!

Imagine the you who can hold uncertainty with class A confidence!!

Imagine the you who has absolute faith and trust in herself & in Big U (the Universe)… so much so that she KNOWS SHE CANNOT FAIL.

Imagine the you who DEVOTES TO HERSELF DAILY.

>>> This is Temple work <<<

The day devotion becomes your revolution, 
is the day you change your life. 

I can’t wait for our first coaching day together on Friday! Mark the day as one to celebrate every year… celebrating the anniversary of your devotion revolution is something I want you to hold dear in your heart for life!

I love you

Harriette xxx