Things you need to know about the Consciousness shift that’s happening right now

Not sure if you’ve been checking in with the planetary news recently (I’m referring to the stuff you actually need to know and not the stuff they plaster across those digital boxes we all have in our living rooms), but there are HUGE shifts happening… the ones I predicted months ago have arrived right on time!

So you’ve likely been feeling all over the shop lately, and not entirely sure what to do with yourself… but you’ll be falling into one of two camps here:

Camp numero uno:

  • Have felt every single emotion under the sun the last two months
  • Manifested a lot of unexpected and unwanted stuff
  • Had insane highs followed by unexplained lows
  • Felt mostly jittery & anxious but with no real reason as to why
  • Fear of not being secure, stable, and financially supported

Camp numero two:

  • Bizarrely calm despite not taking action you think you ‘should’ be taking
  • Seeing colours more brightly, hearing sounds more clearly, and generally just having a more heightened awareness through your senses
  • Needing to drink loads of water and being pulled towards eating well
  • Sleeping more or feeling the need to sleep more (if like me you have a baby so giving in to sleeping more isn’t actually an option ha!)
  • Having moments of intense emotions (positive or negative) but these moments aren’t prolonged or overwhelming

If you’re in camp number one, you’re ready for a Consciousness upgrade. A much needed one. The codes are trying to move into your vessel but you’re not too receptive right now, so in a bid to create more space, all of your junk is coming to the surface ready to be removed. 

If you’re in camp number two, you’re likely already turned in to the upgrades and are going through a process of receiving which is causing some out-of-character behaviour and feelings but nothing which is causing you any concern or distress. 

Whichever camp you’re in, you’re definitely primed to find out more. Knowledge is power right?

But so is self-care.

Which is why the Virtual VIP day I’m hosting on March 28th is designed not only to upgrade your consciousness, but also to install a self-care programme, and eliminate the abundance mindset blocks which no longer serve you.

Over the course of 6 hours on Thursday March 28th, I will be taking you through a fast-track online course in deleting all that does not serve you, receiving and integrating the newest Abundance codes from the Energy Intelligence (Source / Universe), and equipping you with the tools you’ll need to navigate this changing world, both practical and spiritual.

This is a fast action, fast-paced, instantly transforming sequence of steps that would normally take 4 or 5 sessions for me to implement with a client.

But we don’t have the luxury of time here.

These changes and shifts are happening NOW.

In a changing world it’s important you learn to look after number one, i.e. YOU.

> You need to be able to recognise what is going on with your energy and use it to your advantage.

> You need to be able to eliminate stories which don’t serve. 

> You need to be able to template your own energy so you can consistently adapt to the moving tides.

This year shit is getting SERIOUS.

And I’m not saying this to scare you . I’ve been saying for months this would happen in March, et voila, here it is!

How have you been feeling this last few months?

If you know something is shifting / changing / moving in you, then you’ll know you need to be on this virtual day with me this month.



If you can’t join us live, it’s completely OK. As soon as the day is complete, my team will be curating the content into a mini-course which will be delivered to all participants and registrants, even if you can’t join us live, so that you can access the elements you wish to repeat easily and effortlessly over the course of the year. 

This isn’t a one-time quick-fix. There’s no such thing when it comes to energy. Energy is CONSTANTLY expanding. But having the tools to move with the energy is super important, now more than ever.

So, let’s take care of you shall we ?

 >>> Join me on Thursday 28th March for the Virtual VIP Day <<<

Pay in Full: £272 (comes with bonuses)

Payment plan: £91 x 3

>>> All the info & registration here <<<

See you there!

My love always



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March 14, 2019