They Will HATE Me For Telling You This.

A brand new masterclass has just been born from reflecting on specifically what has changed for me in recent months that has allowed me to double and triple what I was making at the beginning of this year.

In March something clicked. In April something else clicked. And then May just went stratospheric and we’ve been smashing glass ceilings daily, whilst wearing a tiara… literally !!  (got married on May 22nd in case you missed that!).

In my journal I wrote… It’s been a crazy few weeks of holding duality like I’ve never held it before. SO many amazing things happening, and new records achieved, so much joy and love and happiness, but simultaneously so much sadness, pain, disappointment & fear.

And yet despite that, I just kept growing. The money just kept coming. I appear to be, and feel, completely unshakeable. Something has intrinsically changed within me.

And whilst gearing myself up to teach you exactly this… what duality actually is, how to handle it, and how to HARNESS it (this is the magic), something else also dawned on me.

Something else I STOPPED doing. Specifically a piece of advice I STOPPED listening to.

Just this morning my Spirit Team said to me, “change your earrings, you’re ready to hear something differently”. So I did… check the gram. Sporting a blue pair from Quinn Says instead of my usual diamonds.

Little did I know they weren’t going to deliver a new piece of information (like they usually do), they were going to highlight something I’d stopped listening to entirely. Something that has completely & utterly, irreversibly, changed the game for me.

It smacked me in the face like a ton of bricks. In fact two close girlfriends who love me dearly, gave this exact piece of advice I’m talking about just today. Both in their own unique way. And I chose not to listen. I realised so deeply and profoundly, that it was this VERY THING I’d previously believed, that so many believe, that had actually been holding me back for YEARS… until just this last few months when I stopped listening, dismissed it as a truth I no longer resonated with and I am FLYING.

You’ve witnessed it yourselves. So many have commented. My sales game is through the roof. My teaching is potent AF. I’m showing up at an entirely new level and it’s infectious in the best way!

I stopped listening to this one piece of advice that we’ve all been falling for as good common practice, self love, self care, self development, consciousness, self awareness, healing… all the things. And it’s utter BULLCRAP.

Get ready… the coaching industry will HATE me for what I’m about to share with you, but this will change the game for you in every sense of the word. Your life will never be the same after you hear this. This ONE thing we’ve all been thinking was the most “loving” thing to do for ourselves, the same advice we give each other… is the very thing that has been holding us all back. 

We’re about to shake things up DRAMATICALLY. This class goes way beyond Duality. This class takes us to the point of life, business, money & energetic MASTERY.

You in?!

>>> Mastering Duality <<<

£99 today. £199 tomorrow. £299 on Wednesday. You know the drill. When you move fast in my world, you quantum leap.

I’m delivering part 1 tomorrow (if I can wait that long… I’m literally bursting!!).

If you’re not yet making multiple 6 figures a month, you need this. This will change your life.

See you in class.

Harriette xxx