There’s nothing quite as good as the original

There’s nothing quite as good as the original

Whether it’s a Monet, momma’s cooking, or a Money Mindset coach…

There’s nothing quite as good as the original

And there’s something entirely unique about the way I coach my clients… 

A mix of spiritual, practical, scientific, magical, an extra dollop of sass, and ZERO bullshit.

There’s been a lot of chat on the social medias recently about the authenticity of coaches. I even read an article in Elle magazine yesterday about the integrity of the Life Coaching business. And I have to agree… there are still a lot of cowboys out there.

I make a point of not doing the ‘hard sell’. It’s icky, it’s gross, it doesn’t make you feel good, and it certainly doesn’t make me feel good, and if it doesn’t make me feel good, I’m not going there.

I’m a woman of habit. And my main habit is feeling good. All the god damn time.

So I when I see more established coaches in the field copying my work, or my own clients paraphrasing me (although I suspect this is well intentioned & perhaps down to lack of experience in their own Soul-zone), or even fellow coaches poaching clients away with cheaper packages and boundary-nauseating promises.

I remember this: 

I’m the original Harriette Hale.

The original Leading Money Mindset Expert in the UK.

The original Priestess of Light.

Energy reader, energy healer, psychic clairvoyant, messenger of Source, kick ass business & life coach, with 12 years hands on practical business experience, several multi-6-figure business running very successfully, an army of staff, and actual financial freedom.

The type of freedom which supports my millionaire lifestyle:

  • A £1,200,000 home in London (actually paid £1mil for it 18 months ago)
  • Two Range Rovers on the drive way, a brand new Velar and an Evoque
  • A full time housekeeper, and a full time nanny
  • A full time Executive Assistant, Office manager, & 3 additional administrative staff
  • A 7-figure turnover
  • Luxury holidays several times a year
  • First class flights everywhere we go (this is an absolute non-negotiable)
  • A collection of Christian Louboutin shoes that could rival most A-list celeb closets
  • The option to stop working tomorrow and still maintain my current lifestyle thanks to my established businesses and passive income streams
  • Private nursery registration for my baby daughter 
  • My hairdresser twice a week
  • Lash extensions by the world’s leading expert (Camilla @camilla_lashes)
  • The ability to spend money without consequence or hesitation

And so much more!

And I tell you all this, not to trigger you, but to show you this is not only legit, it’s possible… and there are many many coaches out there who are claiming XYZ and don’t have the lifestyle or the proof to back it up.

This doesn’t bother me so much. I’m a huge fan of the booming coaching industry, and I tell many of my clients who are building their own coaching businesses, that there are still not enough coaches out there. Not good ones anyway, so becoming a coach in 2019 is actually a fantastic idea! The industry is not as saturated as your ego might have you believe.

But the sheer fact that there is a huge shift towards self-development and growth, despite there being a few advantageous and inauthentic individuals out there, is actually a really really good thing.

? My Soul purpose is to bring the true meaning of Abundance back to Planet Earth ?

It is my desire for you and everyone I can get my message to, to experience true abundance. Whatever abundance means to you personally, it must include two elements, material abundance and spiritual abundance. One without the other is simply not enough. It’s incomplete. It’s only half the story.

This, as the basis of my coaching, is just one of the things that makes me so unique, powerful and transformational as a coach. Money Mindset & Spiritual Enlightenment go hand in hand under the Ask Harriette brand.

This in my personal opinion is the most effective way to collapse time and bring your ultimate abundant destiny into your near future, rather than waiting for a series of events to unfold for you to eventually hit your financial targets, or even miss them altogether. 

In January of this year I started training up 6 new Money Mindset Coaches. These 6 women will become certified Ask Harriette Money Mindset coaches, and will be taking over some of the coaching on my online programmes, and some of them will be available as Ask Harriette coaches for those of you who can’t afford my personal 1:1 rates.

No they won’t be the original Harriette Hale, but they will be trained by the original, and that makes all the difference!

I would always recommend clients who are training with one of my certified coaches for Money Mindset, to have a Spiritual check-in with me, and we will be introducing these packages NEXT MONTH!

In the meantime, thanks to my new nanny, I have finally reopened my diary (after a whole year) so you can book in a virtual coffee date with me to book in for one of my VIP 1:1 coaching spots. 

A minimum 3 month commitment is required to work with me, although clients typically continue on for much longer.

Working 1:1 with me has looked like this for previous & existing clients:

  • Return on investment in 24 hours
  • Doubling, tripling, quadrupling income (and skyrocketing income)
  • Manifesting moves to dream cities and countries
  • Doing a total 180 on their Soul Purpose
  • Finding true legit happiness and fulfilment
  • Installing ease, grace and flow in every day life
  • Leaving soul-destroying jobs to start own businesses
  • Repairing intimate relationships after years of dissatisfaction 
  • Creating and maintaining a beautiful relationship with money, credit cards and all!
  • Waking the ‘eff up and realising what this life shit is ACTUALLY all about
  • Elevation into the real deal of Light Consciousness (this is my favourite result with all of my clients, it’s honestly life changing)

And so much more!

Ready to work with the original?!

>>> Let’s Have A Virtual Coffee <<<

If looking to work with me 1:1, I would anticipate you already have the means to support yourself financially and are looking to level UP.

If you’re not yet earning in your business, or don’t have other means to support yourself, i.e. a corporate job (even if you’re looking to leave it), or supportive family, or a shiny new credit card from a super aligned bank, then please don’t book in for coffee date with me. It might be better for you to wait until next month to work with one of my junior coaches. 

>>> Put your name down to have a call with a junior coach <<<

Whatever you do, find the person or the coach that works for YOU. Don’t buy into hard sell discovery calls. Don’t ever feel pressured into doing something that doesn’t work for you. And if you get even the slightest whiff of inauthenticity then walk away!

If the coach you’re talking to isn’t walking the walk you desire then they might not be for you. 

I chatted with someone recently on a Discovery call about joining my mastermind. Surprisingly she came back to me and said it wasn’t for her for right now. I was shocked actually. This never happens to me lol! (I’ve since realised what happened but that’s a story for another time).

My response to her: “OK honey, but find someone to coach you because you’re ready… you’ll kick yourself if you don’t act on this itch you’re feeling”. I seriously hope she does. Even if she doesn’t work with the original. 

This year is ripe for huge shifts, expansions, and life changing moves. It’s in the numerology, the astrology, and even in the economy. It’s go time baby, let’s do this!

If you’re feeling the call to expand, get yourself booked in with me or one of my junior coaches!

Wishing you a beautiful week.

My love always



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March 4, 2019