There’s no such thing as a neutral opinion


At the risk of causing another ruckus, I’ve been observing a LOT of conversations on social media without partaking in them.

A personal fave is the video of the doctor who claims masks don’t impact his oxygen levels after wearing it for less than half a second. Hilarious. And all the people who have been sharing it saying “see… masks aren’t bad for you… here’s half a second of proof”. Dying. Too funny. In a really dark sinister draconian kinda way. If you’re into dark humour, I recommend watching an entire human race collapse in on itself from fear. Oh hey 2020… I guess we don’t have a choice now?! ?

Oh scoot, there goes my intention to NOT invite a load of hate mail. Damn. I really do love being called a selfish bitch.

I digress.


Our personal experiences dictate our views and beliefs, to the point where as a human being it’s almost impossible to hold a neutral opinion, or weigh in on something without bias or prejudice.


If we take Covid-19 as an example… 

?Those who have been negatively impacted by it, either financially, emotionally, physically, or otherwise, are likely those who will be pushing the mainstream narrative, and justifiably so. I get it. Covid-19 is really really scary and if we don’t wear masks and shoot covid juice all up in our arms, we’re all going to die excruciatingly painful deaths.

?Others whose personal experiences aren’t as traumatic, are more likely to promote the alternative narrative, and even proudly don a tin-foil hat, whilst proclaiming their woke-ness as they judge every one else for their idiocracy and absence of spirituality ? (I know I sound like I’m taking the piss but I do tend to champion this particular club, preferring instead to don a Priestess crown over a tin-foil hat).

?And as a Priestess, I really should consider the neutrality of my stance and opinion, only to realise I won’t ever achieve absolute neutrality so perhaps there’s a greater lesson to share here.


Let’s take a less triggering example…

Watching Porn:

?Those who enjoy watching porn, and do so with or without the awareness of their partners, will tell me I’m an insecure cow for speaking out against the degradation of females in this industry.

?However, those women who have felt disrespected by their partners choices, will be inclined to scream “louder for the people in the back” and cheer me on for my apparent disregard of the male ego.

? Similarly, men who have managed to free themselves from the patriarchal programming that fucking a woman in the bum is OK will also champion my message (sorry I really can’t help the tongue-in-cheek messaging today… don’t get me started on anal sex, my in-laws read these posts).


Dammit I’m really not winning with this peace-pretence am I?!

In all sincerity, let me try a little harder to share this lesson.


It’s a lesson in relativity.


?As human beings we use relativity as a tool to navigate life. In order to understand something, we use our bank of memories to find a relative experience which will guide our viewpoint and response, whether it’s commenting on a friends dating choices, advocating conspiracy theories, making health choices, or massive financial decisions. We only have our own life experiences to go on, so naturally these will dictate, even if you’ve acquired every opinion under the sun from apparently ‘neutral choices’.


There is no such thing as neutrality because every human being has an agenda: Survival.


?To me survival is meditation, speaking my truth, championing change, and breaking free from the matrix, even when it means being a naughty ‘irresponsible’ human (for clarities sake, I don’t believe I am being irresponsible, but I understand others perception… my choices and beliefs can seem wild, if not completely and utterly gaga).

?To others survival is wearing a mask, keeping up to date with vaccines, putting money in the pension pot, and being a well-behaved human.

? We have ALL got an agenda. We all want to be loved, validated, secure, and safe. Our uniqueness means those values have to be provided uniquely. Trying to get the whole world to agree on one thing is pointless. Trying to make someone see your perspective as neutral is also pointless, because your perspective is formed from your experiences, which are not in the slightest bit neutral. They are unique to you.


Being able to take a completely neutral stance in anything requires you to forgo all personal human experiences, and it’s harder than it sounds.


Operating from the neutral mind is something of a super power, that very few people manage to master. I wouldn’t consider myself a master by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m a work in progress and can tap in when it suits, which to be honest isn’t always as fun as causing riots on Facebook ?

If you’d like to give yourself a shot at becoming a neutrality master, I recommend my programme ‘The Rich Mentality’. However, as you’ve probably witnessed, the likely outcome is that you become more confident, more self-assured, completely empty your ‘give a fuck’ pot so you have no more fucks to give. You’d live an authentically abundant life – perhaps causing riots, perhaps creating peace – but either way not giving a shit what other people think because ultimately you realise their projections have squat to do with you, and everything to do with the trauma they’ve experienced living in this thing we call the patriarchy. The chances of you becoming ACTUALLY neutral are slim, but at least you’ll be rich.



Check it out, and join me here: >>> The Rich Mentality <<<

You might just become independent of the narrative which brings you so much fear.


My love always,


p.s. i do believe the point of this post was don’t judge other people because you don’t have a fucking clue what their human experience is, but you can guarantee it’ll be very different to yours!


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July 20, 2020