There will always be two sides to a story


➡️For every pro-vaxxer there’s an anti-vaxxer

➡️For every subscriber to conspiracy theory, there’s another for mainstream prescriptions

➡️For every “silent obedient citizen” there’s another screaming about 5G radiation damage

➡️For every “well-respected and widely published scientist” there’s a scientist-gone-rogue

There is no right and wrong. Trying to find it and label it as such is causing more harm than good (in my very humble opinion).

The longer we continue to quibble over the unfathomable “Truth”, the more Divide we create amongst us as a humanitarian race, and the more power we give to those who are capable of taking advantage of our disparity.

Please for the love of all humanity, STOP arguing with each other, pitching sides, and refuting beliefs you don’t agree with.

EVERYONE has an agenda. Even me. NO ONE is capable of absolute neutrality, so therefore concede that there is no ‘one absolute Truth’ about this pandemic.

We are not fighting a battle against a vaccine, against 5G towers, the cabal, adrenochrome, event 201, pizza gate, hollywood paedophilia & sex trafficking rings, bill gates, Dr. Fauci, WO2020 060606, geo-engineering, micro-chipping humans, or artificial intelligence …

At the minute many people think they’re fighting a battle for or against these things , but what they’re actually doing is fighting against each other whilst these things happen regardless.

And whilst people are busy cursing each other on social media, picking sides, and creating an inflated sense of superiority and purpose, NOTHING CHANGES.

The battles are irrelevant. We are losing the War. The War against oneness. 

Whilst we are divided we can’t experience oneness , unity, true self-love and self-acceptance. When you learn to think for yourself, instead of blindly picking a side, when you learn to use your heart, your head, AND your Soul to receive the arguments presented to you, and do so without a charged emotional reaction, when you learn to love and accept someone for their different beliefs and views, instead of tearing them down and dismissing their presence and value in our world, when you learn to truly love yourself so you actually have the depth of compassion to accept all other humans in their own unique experience, THEN you win the War.

?This is how you achieve unity, oneness, and the materialisation of the world you’re fighting for.

We can all fight for the world we want for our children, and for ourselves, but you have to understand that that fight is not against each other, it’s against yourSELF. 

The more you fight against each other, the more division you create, and a divided world will never bear the fruit of your desiring. Fighting another person is an attack on your own human birthright.

?Our Universe is incredible. So are our humans. We can all have what we want, even if what we want is completely different. We are all capable of experiencing the world we desire. But fulfilment of desire cannot exist alongside division. 

So instead of picking sides, and continuing to fight with others. Fight with yourself first. Why are you so hell bent on having YOUR truth heard? Does it really matter? Are you making such a massive difference? Would it not be a better use of your energy to learn how to love and accept yourself and others, so that humanity can stand united as a force of love, compassion, free speech, civil liberty, and individual CHOICE that serves the greatest and highest good of each individual human?

Do we not deserve that?

? I understand the human need to have purpose & mission… that’s Divinity moving through you… you’re likely having an awakening experience. Many having this awakening experience are beginning to use their voices to question previously accepted beliefs, programming & conditioning.

?If this is you, please allow me to invite you to explore your awakening experience a little deeper… do you believe Divinity is moving through you to create further Divide? Or is it perhaps moving through you to create deeper understanding , compassionate curiosity, love and acceptance of yourself and others? Consider that this is all happening in order to create a world of oneness where our differences unite us in celebration of the human rainbow of unique experience and conscious contribution.

Which side are you on?

There’s only one humanitarian answer: There are no sides. 

My love always


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May 8, 2020