There is Wealth In Accepting Help

There is Wealth In Accepting Help

Here’s a powerful lesson for you when it comes to hesitating and accepting help where you really do need it:

We have more to lose by not accepting help, and an abundance of wealth to gain in recognising help is NECESSARY

If you’re new to me, you might not know I’m 33 weeks pregnant

And that my darling daughter has bruised my ribs with her martial artistry and also sprained my spine

Don’t worry she’s forgiven and I’m enrolled in the best private healthcare there is to help me manage the pain and carry full term

Anyway, last night, despite my Osteo’s insistence that my handbag is too heavy and I shouldn’t even be lifting the kettle to make tea right now (yeah right I’m British, and it’s cash weighing that purse down dah-ling), I decided to empty and re-load the dishwasher and take the bins out

Hubs is away and I was adamant I could do these basic basic things on my own

I mean BASIC right? No need to wait for the house keeper to arrive this morning.

Oh how wrong I was!

Within minutes my back locked up and I had to hobble up to bed like an OAP.

Safe to say it’s still not feeling great this morning.

Don’t feel sorry for me. This isn’t a pity party. I’ll just book an extra session in with my osteopath and endure his shouting at me for not asking for more help, and for thinking I could do things on my own which I can’t! Yawn.

(but a sincere moment of deep gratitude for my financial freedom which will facilitate this).

In all seriousness though, WE ALL DO THIS.

We all believe at some level the things we do aren’t harmful, and that we’re capable of fixing things ourselves, rather than reaching out for help and allowing that help to support us.

ESPECIALLY… when it comes to our mindset!

Mindset is still a relatively new area of development when it comes to the self-help industry, and many people mistake mindset development for manifesting, or more complicated business strategies.

In fact, many people don’t even realise the damage they’re doing to their success on a daily basis by NOT allowing themselves to get some mindset help

Your mindset is your most powerful asset

Your mind controls all things including:

  • Your emotions
  • Your manifesting capabilities
  • The way you see the world
  • Your reactions
  • Your clarity (or lack thereof)
  • Your relationships
  • Your energetic income level
  • Your capacity to earn and save
  • Your capacity to spend
  • Your decisions
  • Your subsequent actions
  • The outcomes you then create
  • Your entire reality

Yeah your mind is powerful and it’s pretty freakin’ fragile

Think of me as an Osteopath for your mind

The Money Mindset System (whilst being the most powerful seven-step money mindset system out there), can be used for so much more than just creating a wealth mindset

It’s a complete abundance overhaul

You can use this system to create abundant relationships, abundant career moves, abundant pay rises, abundant living, abundant travel, abundant freedom, abundant bank balances… abundant anything!

Apply the seven-step system to just about anything in your life which needs a mindset and abundance upgrade

Don’t kid yourself into thinking your mindset is an easy DIY job

It requires help

And help is not a bad thing

Accepting the help is your first step in creating a wealth mindset, and subsequent wealth in your life

And as for me… lesson learned. Today I’m increasing my housekeepers hours so I don’t lift a damn finger until my back is healed!

Let’s level up together

Join the Money Mindset System 2018!

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My love always



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September 17, 2018