The Words That Made Me Famous (this may trigger the crap out of you)

The words that put me on the global map as the leading Money Mindset Expert:


​​​​​​​- (c) Harriette Hale 2017 – 2019

This is Spiritual law. Scientific law. Energy law. Economic law. Moral law. Universal law.

The only kind of law it isn’t, is the law that doesn’t matter: the law we are all forced to live by. Government law.

Which is why too many people stay in a poverty mindset.

We are so conditioned, we actually believe money is finite.

We actually believe money can run out.

We actually believe that the best we can do is hope and pray to an elusive cosmic figure, and try be ‘good people’.

Are you being a good person by turning your back on your RESPONSIBILITY to abundance?

Did you even realise your pity party is crystallising your current reality?

Are you aware that your language and your stories are creating the experience you love to moan about?

Just because the knowledge I share and the truth bombs I drop trigger the crap out of some people, doesn’t mean I’m not speaking absolute truth.

If I irritate you, you probably need to listen to me a little bit more.

Not because I need your attention, or your likes, your social media approval, or even the money you claim you don’t have.

You need to listen to me because you need to realise something about yourself.

Listen to the way you speak about money.

Observe the way you respond to people with money.

Watch the way you react to financially challenging situations.

Notice how you treat your money.

Pay some attention to your relationship with money.

Hell, just look at your bank balance. Which way does your heart go when you look at those figures?!

If there’s even the tiniest bit of negative energy present, you have a money block sunshine. And no amount of ignorance will cover it up forever.

Eventually that shit is going to bite you on the ass and force you to deal with it.

Trust me I know. I almost went bankrupt once.

Almost. Dodged a massive bullet.

Found a money mindset coach.

Turned my life around.

Chose to tell a different story.

Chose to sing a different tune.

Chose to believe in a different world.

A world I live in now where I honour my right and responsibility to abundance.

A world accessible through a door which is wide freaking open.

But you haven’t stepped through the door yet…

I do believe this is what Einstein would call the very definition of ‘insanity’:

Seeing the solution to a problem but refusing to believe it exists, and choosing instead to stay in the ‘problem’. And perhaps bed it in a little bit more. Mad.

If you find yourself in a problematic financial situation, you will tell yourself you have a money problem. Right?


You have an energy problem.

And the energy that created that problem, is not going to be able to FIX that problem.

So what do you need?

An energy upgrade.

A mindset overhaul.

A new operating system from which to solve your ‘problems’.

Et voila!

As if by magic, a new money mindset, one that actually serves your greatest highest good, creates a whole new reality free from your money blocks.

Only it’s not magic. It’s science. It’s law. And it works.

Stop shirking your responsibilities to yourself. If you’re here in this energy, you deserve to take more for yourself.
The door is wide open.

Step through.

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Love Always



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January 17, 2019