The time I almost backed out of becoming a coach


A few years ago I signed up to a certified coach training, several years after I actually started coaching, just because I thought it might make me a better coach and validate my desire to earn money doing what i’m naturally amazing at.

Thanks ego. Good one.

Truth be told it just confirmed what I already knew… I’m shit hot at what I do. But the price of that lesson was worth every penny of the investment regardless.

I remember hours after putting my credit card details in to the registration form I had what felt like a panic attack, decided I’d made a terrible decision, and called for a refund. The company (thankfully) refused as registration came with a no-refund policy. So I threw myself in to the course, and got the lesson my Soul was desiring the whole time, albeit that lesson had nothing to do with how to coach people haha.

A year later I did a similar thing with my Priestess training. Minor freak out and backing out once I said “Yes I’m In”. And then a stupid little dance back and forth toying with the idea of jumping all in or waiting until “next time”. Thank God I had the balls to stay true to the course on both occasions. And let my Soul lead me down that terrifying and financially testing route. Because at the other end existed my 7 figure empire and global impact. 

And that’s where I stand today. A millionaire, with a global reach, and a ‘job’ that I’m head over heels obsessed in love with. Those moments of panic and doubt and terror, and back-tracking on a decision are the very moments which cancel hundreds and thousands of dreams.

?Dreams that you don’t have to let go of.

?Dreams that don’t have to disappear into dust.

?Dreams that you don’t deserve to have taken from you.

When dreams are cancelled, abundance taps are turned off, inspiration is dimmed, and Soul-Fulfillment goes back to being a myth. 

As Ali, from one of my 2019 Priestess Pods shares – that ego chatter and monkey mind will get the better of you unless you jump, and let the magic catch you.

“I came to H with a seedling of an idea for how to grow my business, and right off the bat I knew I was going to get the guidance I needed, but I was the one who was going to have to show up and DO THE DAMN WORK. 

Well, a couple of pivots, initiations, ah ha moments and revelations later with H, Mia and the team, and I’ve walked away with my most successful business month yet. I have a whole new way of doing business that lights me up so much (and is now my most loved and asked about service). My money mindset has changed, the way I approach business AND life has changed and I am so much happier & better off for it. 

If you are considering the Priestess Pods for 2020, don’t let your monkey mind get the better of you. Just jump in and do it with everything you have and you will come out afterwards with a whole new perspective on life. It really is magical.”

Make your dreams a reality in The Priestess Pods in 2020.

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My love always,

Harriette xx


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December 23, 2019