The shifts that took just 1 hour

WOW!! I’ve just about got over the emotion of yesterday’s first live workshop of 6 Days to M.O.R.E Money. As I got ready for bed last night, the comments were still pouring in in the Facebook group, and they had me in tears of joy 😭🥰


I’ve just got to share some of them with you… 


“I love this so much, such a different approach and has opened my eyes to so many new ideas” 


“Yasssss! Money MY way! I give myself permission to do money MY way!” 


“Omg! I had chills writing this down, absolutely love it!” 


Mind blown already, loving this!” 


“This is shaking me to my core… in a really good way, WOW!” 


“Who else has goosebumps? This is so FREEING!” 


“I caught the replay and I’m hooked, amending my schedule as I type. My lightbulb is that I really DO have the power to change m reality” 


debt is not a bad thing. Knowing and now believing this in so many layers of myself has removed so many blocks and freed me up in so many ways”


“I loved today’s session. I have learned so much. The money control is a big one must trust yourself and not to control your thoughts on the flow”


It all just felt so right, and like easy. Light bulb moments – lack of faith in money is a lack of faith in ourselves and a higher power.”


“I love that you started with Permission. That was like a bolt of lightning and I was just in awe. 
I was in a good bit of SHOCK when you said embrace the negative. I almost fell out of my chair. That was a LIGHTBULB BURSTING MOMENT. I repeated it out loud and my whole being shook. WOW.
Talk about some TRUTH. I was so not ready for that.
I am hoping there is a replay so I can watch it again. 
Wonderful…. Thank you again.”


And so many more “goosebumps/mind blown/mic drop/game changer” vibes! 


You didn’t miss out though, you can still catch the replay when you sign up here


Day 2 is happening live in the FB group at 1pm UK today, when me and Mia will be coaching 3 lucky people in real time through their biggest financial blocks. These hot seat sessions are always amazing to be a part of even if you’re not the one being coached, don’t underestimate the value of “passive coaching”!! 


>> Here’s where to sign up to get yesterday’s replay and all the deets for the rest of the week <<


Love always,