The Shift

Today is the day,

There comes a point in your life, some times many points, where you know you’re ready.

Ready for whatever comes next.

Ready to evolve and transform into a new way of being.

Ready for a new chapter, a new paradigm, a new lease on life. Perhaps you call it your “next level”.

Sometimes we preempt this with a new hair colour, a wardrobe declutter, or a burst of courage to do something we’ve been putting off for a long time.

We mark the day in our calendars, and carve the memory into our minds, of “this is the day I made a change”.

And then the newness begins to unfold and unravel, as the new you emerges and embraces this new way of being. Walking on air, heart strong, head high, receiving the reflections from those around you who see your new-founded energy. You love it.

For a short while, until it becomes unsustainable, exhausting, mis-aligned…

And then we retreat. Back to the shadows. Back to the comfort zone. Often licking our wounds or stewing in our frustration.
Until the next time, we’re ready again… to go back out into the realms of the unknown to try something new once again.
And on and on this cycle continues, 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Slowly slowly advancing yourself to where you want to be, to WHO you want to be.

Never quite making the money you want to make.
Never quite manifesting the right partner.
Never quite embodying the fullness of YOU.
Never quite OWNING your reality.
Never quite… * insert the thing you really want to step into here *

All of this until…

THE SHIFT. A FREE 5-day Divine Devotional Experience to change the way you dance with life forever more.

No more 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

No more “almost” and “not quite”.

No more retreating or head bashing.

THE SHIFT gifts you with the Grace to refine your life experience and your relationship with yourself.

A gentle but deep immersive journey to transform how you show up for yourself and the world, now and forever.

THE SHIFT isn’t just for you… it’s for US. My world, your world, our world, and THE world.

Collectively we create the canvas on which we can paint a new world, each of us responsible for our tiny corner of the Great Masterpiece.
When we try to change the world by ourselves, (OUR world, and THE world), the canvas is never complete, with aspects completely void of colour and expression. Because we can’t reach the whole canvas, the same way we can’t reach the whole world.


When we paint together, each making the tiniest of brush strokes, the smallest most effortless contribution… the Great Masterpiece is not only complete in record time, IT IS BEAUTIFUL. And it REACHES.

It is an honour for me to invite you to share in this bountiful experience over 5 days, not only to contribute your art and your expression, but to step deeper in that for yourself, and for the world.

Over 5 days expect to have a Divine and devotional shift in all of your relationships and connections with life.

Consider it a reset, a renewal… even a rebirth.

And recognise how you answer this call, because you know you’re ready. Really ready. Not ready to rinse and repeat previous patterns, but ready to embrace a whole new way.

Remember when you shift, so does the rest of the world.

I can’t wait to see you there.

We begin September 20th.

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My love always

P.S After you register for The Shift for free, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade your experience to The Hyper Shift. 5 additional intimate mastermind calls at the heavily discounted investment of just £111. This will facilitate a deeper transformation for you and is highly advisable if you’d like to create a powerful launch pad beyond your next level.

P.P.S If you are a current student of my School of Mastery, you receive The Hyper Shift for FREE.