The Shift Is Inevitable

There comes a point where The Shift is inevitable. 

There comes a point where it just happens without you seemingly doing very much or even noticing.

Perhaps that lifelong battle you’ve had with caring what other people think suddenly disarms itself and you naturally start to own what’s true for you without worrying. 

Perhaps those boundaries you’ve always struggled to uphold all of a sudden become unbreakable and you discover that increase in energy, creativity and general wellbeing are a result of your unwillingness to compromise on your needs. 

Maybe there’s a call to start surrendering to pleasure, to actively seek it out in your everyday routines and stop compartmentalising your life into work/play/up time/down time and instead recognise that it’s all just life. (Writing copy whilst submerged in the silkiness of a bubble bath highly recommended btw) 

Things you thought you’d always struggle with, all of a sudden you just, don’t.

But the thing that takes you by surprise more than anything is it doesn’t feel like you DID anything to get here. It feels like you went to bed one way, and woke up another. 

THAT’S the magic of The Shift. And I’ll say again, it’s inevitable. It’s happening right now, yesterday, years ago. And it’s also happening days, months and years from this moment on. 

It’s a result of an expansion to your consciousness, a pivot in your energy where all of a sudden, you become unavailable for and unable to tolerate anything other than a total commitment to the highest version of you. A total surrender to what works for you, what feels good for you, what’s joyful for you. The “shoulds” fall away, you start to question and transmute paradigms and what’s more, you do it effortlessly. Because The Shift has changed everything. 

The idea that you have to work hard on your self development, spend hours dancing through shadows and give yourself relentlessly over to the slog of figuring out your blocks, understanding the source of your wounds and tirelessly rewiring your beliefs can be left well and truly in the Piscean Age. 

You’ve probably been on that road for quite some time now, I certainly have been. I’ve worked HARD on myself, my personal, spiritual and conscious development. Don’t get me wrong, the work is never done. But what I’m inviting you to consider now is do you always want it to be “work”?

What if it didn’t have to be a slog? What if all that hustle you’ve contributed already gets to continue working for you, for the rest of time, so that the only thing left to happen is a continuous easy, natural, effortless Shift into your next chapter? 

It gets to be easy. We’re in the Aquarian Age now, things are moving fast and there’s a whole world that needs catching up! Your Shift NEEDS to be effortless so you’re able, willing and energetically available to help the rest of the world shift. 

The highest version of you gets to expand and show up effortlessly now, because the world needs conscious people in service. The beauty of this being of course, when you shift, the world shifts too. Because that gets to be easy as well. 

It’s inevitable. 

It’s starting in just a few days time. 

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Love always,