The Scariest Halloween Story You’ll Ever Read ?


It was a freezing cold night. The rain was lashing at the windows and thunder was cracking loud overhead. The leading lady of our story was snuggled into her sofa, scrolling aimlessly through Facebook, checking emails and DMs, whilst re-runs of old Halloween movies played in the background. ⛈

Her friends were out partying in town, but she declined the invitation under the guise of needing to work on her brand new business baby, but in actual fact she was completely broke, tired, uninspired, and seriously lacking in confidence. ?

Doing nothing remotely productive from her spot in front of the TV, our LL (leading lady), began to drift off to sleep. ?

Waking up, what felt like a few hours later, she picked up her phone to check the time. ?

?It was midnight on December 31st 2019! She’d dozed through the entire rest of the year ?

Jumping from the sofa in disbelief, she ran through the house to her ‘home office’, which truth be told was still the guest bedroom, and from the desk stared back at her a huge pile of unpaid bills and unopened envelopes. Quickly backing away, she made for the bathroom with the intention of having a shower to shake off the cobwebs, but looking in the mirror, she saw someone she didn’t know and didn’t care for. A shadow version of who she was capable of becoming. ?

The burst of frantic energy quickly subsided into nothingness, and she slipped quickly back in to old habits, choosing instead to waste another day, another month, another year, living (if you could call it that) in the lower dimensional manifestations of her Destiny. ?

(Quick lesson in 7th dimensional manifesting & destiny fulfilment… we all have a Destiny, but our own free will dictates exactly how much we fulfil that, and basically how epic our life is… at the lower end of the scale, achieving not a great deal, we might be fulfilling our Soul purpose in the 1st and 2nd dimension… but at the opposite end of the scale, when we are smashing our Soul Destiny goals, we’re doing so because we’re manifesting in the 6th and 7th dimensions)

And her life continued until it didn’t. And a new life began, this time with an awareness that she hadn’t achieved anything she’d meant to in a previous life, and THIS was another chance to create something great. ?

Another shot at Life Mastery. 

… at which point our LL actually wakes up… and it’s still October. Phew. Scary right?! ?

OK listen, I’m clearly not a novelist. I’m a Priestess. But my point is this…

?Don’t waste another fucking second living a sub-par life. If you’re not happy in any area of your life or business, if you’re striving for more, if you’re desiring more, if you’re looking for something more than your current reality, and maybe don’t even know what that is, you can stop scrolling, stop wasting, stop yearning, and join the School of Mastery.

?The School of Mastery is a monthly membership and a VIP community to support you in living boldly and abundantly. 

?Become a master of your life with tools, support and step-by-step trainings from the Ask Harriette team.

?You have a desire to challenge the status quo, to liberate yourself from conformity and mediocrity.

?You envision a life for yourself that shimmers with abundance, but it’s shackled in your imagination. You want it all, but you don’t know how to untie the knots.

?So you relegate yourself to the struggle, the hard grind, and the fear. Overwhelm taunts the space where motivation should be and it’s spilling over into every area of your life.

?What do you focus on first? Your money, your relationships, figuring out your next career or business move?

Honey, you deserve to master it ALL!

The School of Mastery is a curriculum on mastering every area of your life. 

Don’t be like the leading lady in my pitiful Halloween story. My story telling is about as uninspiring as her life… but the really scary part is that too many people choose to live their lives like this . Whether you’re avoiding parties, avoiding work, avoiding confrontation, avoiding asking for what you want, avoiding dealing with the shit you hate, avoiding your emotions, avoiding the uncomfortable stuff…

Avoiding it isn’t going to make it go away. You need to learn to Master it!

And there’s only one School you can enrol in that will truly teach you how to master your life (and your business if you have one). 

The only other scary part of this story, is the amount of time you have left to enrol. Doors close on Friday babe. I wouldn’t wait. Don’t waste another second. Seriously. It’s £29.

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My love always



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October 30, 2019