The Remedy for Scarcity

We’re all guilty of giving our power away to people and things — it’s human nature. Sometimes I’d go as far as to say it’s beneficial, if that’s what you need to do in order to witness yourself at a deeper level and gain more radical self awareness.

The biggest thing we give our power to pretty much daily, in some way, shape or form, is the concept of scarcity. I said yesterday, scarcity is the biggest conspiracy there is. The natural state of the Universe is abundance and expansion. There’s ALWAYS more than enough. We’re literally living on a multi-billion year old rock hurtling through never ending space for infinity. If that’s not proof of the limitless natural state of existence then I don’t know what is!! 

But of course, Big Daddy P has conditioned us all to think that there isn’t enough, because if we believe that, we’ll offer ourselves up on a plate if we think we’ll get our slice of the pie in return. And so we give our power away to the illusion of scarcity. Fortunately, there’s a really nifty way to reclaim it that I LOVE to use. Here’s how I reactivate my own power & potential every time I fall into lack, scarcity or “need”…

Energy body magic & numerology!! Are you even surprised?! Let me break this down for you:

Energy body 3 is home to our inner fire power, our will power, & our inner cheerleader.
The frequency & framework of 3 provides a context in which we can experience extreme negativity, and also, extreme positivity.

Energy body 8 is home to our external power source, our sovereignty, our self-leadership, & our energetic state of “peace”.
The frequency & framework of 8 provides a context in which we can experience anxiety, overwhelm, analysis paralysis, comparisonitis etc, and also, empowerment, presence, magnetism & abundance.

Every time we fall into lack, scarcity or need, we’ve given our power away. Sometimes it’s the 3rd energy body that collapses first, sometimes it’s the 8th, often it’s both, and once one energy body contracts, it tends to have a domino effect.

Here’s what you do to reactivate and open both inner & outer power centres:

Fill your cup up. Nap. Eat. Shower. Dance. Rehydrate. Do whatever you need to do so your body is relaxed, rested & nourished.

Breathe. Active breath work and BEING with your breath. You don’t have to be a breathwork expert to do this. The only goal here is to be present with your breath. That’s it.

Allow yourself to become intentionally present with the moment you’re in. Allow yourself to forget the past and the future even exist. Nothing exists but you & your breath in this moment.

Once you’re fully present with both the moment and your breath, breathe intentionally into the solar plexus area (this is where your 3rd energy body linked).

Imagine starting a fire inside your chest using the power of your breath alone. As you do this, call back your power from all the places you’ve lost it to recently. Call it back from people, situations, conversations, negative thoughts, ego illusions of the mind, recent encounters, doubts, troubles, anxieties… every single place & situation you can think of which has wobbled you recently. A wobble is an indicator that an energy body has been impacted and contracted. Contracted energy bodies cause us to feel weak and vulnerable. We want to feel confident and strong when we’re in full command of our own power & potential.

Everything you call back in, inhale through the breath, invite it into the fire in your solar plexus, and let it burn away in this here present moment.

In your own time when you’re good and ready, come back to a place of stillness and peace within your body, grab your journal and muse on these prompts:

What have I given my power to recently?

What was the trigger that caused me to give my power away?

What did it feel like to have given my own power away like that?

What have I learned about my own behaviour when I’m in a state of giving my power away?

How would I have acted if I was fully IN my power, i.e. in neutrality & consciousness ?

How does it feel to have my power back?

What do I need to be more conscious of moving forward to prevent a repeat performance?

What habits, thoughts & behaviours can I change to support this intention & break this pattern?

Create a list of evidence to show your ego that her doubts, fears & worries are unnecessary and unworthy of a giving away of power. The longer the better! You want to get to the point where she feels a bit silly and ridiculous for handing it over in the first place but please be mindful you don’t inadvertently shame yourself! If you do we then get into a whole energy body 7 disaster zone but I’ll save that for another time!

The power of the energy bodies and numerology really is the magic behind life itself, I’ve not found a single bump in the road of this human experience that can’t be solved with an understanding of this kind of energetic intelligence, it’s why I’m SO bloody passionate about teaching and sharing it. If they taught this stuff in school’s, the world would be so drastically different!! I’m planning to get it into school’s by the way, but that’s also a story for another time!

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My love always,