The Queen Is Back

Yes, big inhales of anticipation all round… the second installment of the Queen masterclass series has finally arrived! 

The Comeback Queen..

For those of you who need reminding of your power,

For those of you who have navigated things you never thought you’d survive,

For the women who feel their fragility a little “too much”,

For the women who feel they spiral a little “too easily”,

For you, if you desire to feel invincible.

Back in March of this year, I hosted a stand alone 2 hour masterclass; Command Your Queendom. It transpired to be the most potent and powerful masterclass I have ever run, naturally, it was going to expand into a series. 

Queendom Law quickly spread throughout the Ask Harriette community and the I.C.I.C.ME way of living created business uplevels, financial expansions, personal transformations and spiritual revelations galore. It’s still referenced at least once per day by someone in my world, a full 7 months later. 

But there’s more. 

So much more.

I didn’t know it at the time, but this class wasn’t just another way of creating transformation, abundance and expansion in your lives, it was preparing me. Preparing me for the moment the crown slips, falls off, rolls away and you don’t know if you’re capable of Queening ever again. 

Command Your Queendom taught you how to navigate the bad days and show up no matter what. The Comeback Queen teaches you how to grow, evolve and shine through the moments and situations in life that you don’t think you can even survive. 

The situations that have you feeling as though you’d rather hit the self destruct button, or fear someone else has already hit it for you. 
The moments that turn into months and threaten everything you’ve built, everything you’ve worked on and everything you’ve already overcome. 
The moments that utterly blindside you and make you forget your consciousness entirely. 

Knowing how to Command Your Queendom is one thing, but knowing how to elevate yourself above and over the really serious shit is another thing entirely. It’s 1% energy. It’s what makes you indestructible. It’s what makes you The Comeback Queen. 

I’ll share with you what it takes to truly become invincible. 
You’ll receive tools, practices and guides for coming back from the edge and empowering yourself to leverage your darkest moments into your greatest successes. 

With this information, you become untouchable. You open up a level of choice, sovereignty and personal power that is so pure, it can’t help but propel you to new heights of humble service.

I’ll be teaching this class live on Tuesday 12th October at 1pm UK time and you can join me for £122. There will be a replay, you do not need to be there live. If you don’t have a copy of the original class, Command Your Queendom, you can purchase them both for £200. (Not absolutely necessary, the classes are stand alone’s, but they’re more powerful together, so it’s advisable). 

You have a mission to fulfill and Soul purpose to unleash, no-one wins when you are down and out.
The Comeback Queen will show you how to literally bounce back harder and faster than anyone could ever knock you down. 

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Love always,