The Priestess & The Queen

For those of you who know me well and have been in my world for some time, you’ll know the vibe of 2022 for me has very much been a healing one. I’ve finally faced years of trauma, broken decades worth of old patterns, integrated some pretty harsh and valuable lessons from a period of intense relationship shake ups (thanks to my Saturn transit of the last 2 years!), and all of that’s just the abridged version! 

Two things stand out to me very clearly as a result of this year of healing.

  1. The power of the Priestess is unmatched, and there aren’t enough of us in the world, not even close. 
  2. As a woman, building businesses the masculine way WILL catch up with you eventually, and none of us know enough about doing it the feminine way (baths in the middle of the day and working from the sofa don’t really cut it). 

Because of these two things, female entrepreneurs are getting burned out, cussed out and left out. 

Burned out trying to be it all, do it all, and have it all (because that’s modern feminism isn’t it? We’re supposed to spin ALL the plates and look gorgeous doing it) 

Cussed out by each other as we all scrabble to try and stand out as the most trustworthy, most authentic and most knowledgeable. Not understanding that half our marketing and messaging reeks of toxic feminine and we’re all just hurling our wounding around like monkeys hurling their own shit. 

Left out of experiencing the true fulfillment, gratitude, pleasure, ease and ecstasy that this human experience actually has to offer when we understand how to operate in the way our hormones and energy intended (and are desperate for us to!). 

So of course, I’ve created two containers designed to address these issues. Because it’s time. It was time a couple of decades ago to be honest. There’s so much potential in each and every one of us, we have the power to shake this world up in a way its never seen before. We have it within us to rewrite the future we’re creating for our children and bring healing to ourselves, our families and our clients in a way that has real world impact. 

Let me be clear; we are here to have a human, physical, emotional experience. Its the first incarnation intention as taught by the 11 Universal Laws. I’m not suggesting for a moment that healing means freedom from pain. You have a responsibility to be human. But the way I’m witnessing it, we’re not stepping up to that responsibility in the most effective way. The second incarnation intention is to use your human physical, emotional experience to contribute to the collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the Planet for the highest and greatest good of all. I’m not sure spending so much of our time burned out, cussed out and left out is really doing that. 

So, if you would like to join me on this crusade to return to the feminine (the REAL feminine) and take the power of the Priestess to the masses, I invite you to consider one of the following… 

>> The Way of The Priestess >>

Beginning on 11/11, this will be a teaching programme designed to provide deeper understanding of the Priestess craft, and what it means to enter service as a Priestess. It’s a foundational programme for anyone who is considering formally training and initiating as a priestess. 
You’ll be guided by myself; the Priestess of Light and Mia; the Priestess of Presence, with guest appearances from Carrie, Jill and Eve, our current Priestess trainees. 
Even if you decide not to continue on to formal training, this foundational course will provide you with the necessary understanding to transform the way you show up in the world, and the way you show up with your clients, with a heightened awareness of and sensitivity to what’s REALLY going on for them (not just what they say is going on) so you can serve at a deeper, more profound level.

Pre-sale of £888, price increasing SOON!! 

>> Discover The Way of The Priestess Here << 

>> The Sovereign Reign Mastermind <<

This mastermind will be run unlike any other. But the intention and goal is still the same – to catapult your business, your cash flow and YOU to your next level. 

The difference is, we’re going ALL IN on the feminine. We’re going deep on the energetics of receiving, and of staying in a constant state of receiving. Together, in community, we will rediscover the soft, vulnerable, open and nurturing nature of our womanly ways and open ourselves up to doing business in a receptive and nourishing way rather than plowing forward with all disregard for our needs or our energetic peaks and lulls. 

We will remember how to simply BE. 
How to BE the receptacle for your highest cash months. 
How to BE the receptacle for more love and support. 
For creativity, new offers, P.R opportunities, book deals, viral content.. Whatever it is, we will remember how to simply BE the woman who receives it. 

The Sovereign Reign is for the woman who has built her business juggling more balls than humanly possible, has disconnected from her Soul Self, her Womb Self, and her Heart Self as a result, and is ready to remember how to RECEIVE the abundance life has to offer. 

This might be the most exciting mastermind I have ever facilitated!

>> Join me for The Sovereign Reign here <<

My love always,