The Priestess Doesn’t Bow To Pressure Or Fear



Of course it would be the ONE WEEK of the year when I open up the doors to the Priestess Ring that my own superhuman Priestess powers are tested to the max. Obviously. Because this is how it works.

But I live as I lead, and as Priestess, the only laws I bow to are the Universal Laws, as gifted to me by Source back in 2017.

The 11 Universal Laws are rules to live by, love by, and learn by. And boy have I been learning this week!

Fear is everywhere. It’s tainted everything.

One of the things you’ll become a master at as a Priestess is not letting fear even touch the sides and blasting it to pieces with the power of your Priestess presence. 

Today I walked into a boardroom to face the Patriarchy embodied in smart grey suits and clip boards. I had my 15 month old daughter with me. I was wearing my trademark Christian Louboutin 6 inch heels. Two and a half hours later we left that room and it’s occupants utterly and totally dismantled. With a hair flip and a wiggle. 

Note to others: Do not challenge a Priestess and her mini-me. You will find yourself soaked and surrounded by biscuit crumbs and artfully shredded paper. (Ostara LITERALLY wrecked the joint. Obviously… she knew what mummy was doing energetically… so she made her mark too ?).

My mantra for the last 24 hours has been

Fuck the Patriarchy

Fuck Fear

I always get what I want

The Universe is rearranging it all for me

No one stands in the way of a Priestess

We are fierce, powerful, charming, disarming, loyal, unapologetic, truthful, stubborn, grounded, magical, and PRESENT. 

We stand in the face of adversity and embrace the challenge, relish the squirm in the pit of our stomachs, knowing that on the other side of the challenge is great success, expansion, and a win for the whole world.

We free ourselves from ego so we navigate all obstacles with humility, neutrality, firmness, kindness, and objectivity. Emotions don’t play any part when we know our experiences aren’t for us, they’re for the greatest and highest good.

?We chant mantras. We draw cards. We weave crystal magic into practical strategy. We read numbers & consult the skies, always growing, learning, applying, listening, absorbing, rearranging, healing and TEACHING.

We teach from the deepest understandings of the Universe. 

We heal by wielding Universal magic through our hands & hearts. 

We share only one pure message: Universal LOVE

Fear has no place in our hearts, minds, or words.

Through living & breathing the Priestess Way, we change our own lives, the lives of those we love, and the lives of all who come into our energy.

From the bottom of my heart, I can honestly tell you, it’s the most fulfilling, most profound, most impactful work in the world, and my only regret is that I haven’t shared it with more people sooner. 

There’s no shame in being a Priestess. We are so needed in this world. 

Ladies, do you hear me? Are you ready? Applications for the Priestess Ring are closing at the end of this week. 

Come talk to me. We need an army.

My love always



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January 30, 2020