The Power of Visualisation

Happy Sunday!

I have a powerful tool to gift to you

The visualisation I use every single day to live my consistently epic and abundant live!

This visualisation has been a part of my self-care and co-creation practice for two years, and in that time I have paid off six-figures worth of debt, turned my coaching practice in a million-pound business, purchased a 7-figure home in North London UK, conceived and birthed the most incredible baby girl, transformed a difficult relationship into a beautiful supportive and fulfilling one with my fiancé, written and (almost) published a book, completed a world tour delivering my message, coaching hundreds of clients, and reached thousands more, built my other businesses to the point of 100% self-sufficiency so I only work one day a month on those other business, grown my staff team to over 40 people, and frequently travel the world to beautiful destinations in first class luxury.

I am a notable leader in my field, THE money mindset expert in the UK, a Priestess of Light, and a seriously kick-ass business and life coach.

Want to know how I achieved all this?

Before I started using this specific visualisation tool I was on the verge of bankruptcy, depressed, suicidal, and in voluntary psychotherapy, having survived an abusive relationship and the very-near loss of my business empire which caused me to spiral into six figures worth of debt.

To come back from that, to where I am now, is no mean feat. But we aren’t ever sent things we can’t handle. It’s Universal Law. So handle it I did, and I started using my most powerful asset. Actually, at the time, it was my only asset… my mind.

Ready for the visualisation?

Get comfortable.

Slow your breathing.

Close your eyes.

Picture the most powerful person you know.

Someone whom you admire.

Someone who walks the walk and talks the talk.

Someone you desire to be.

Imagine their life. Their daily routines. What they wear. What they do. Where they go. How they command themselves. What they say. Who they say it to. Where they appear. How they appear. How much money they earn. How they choose to spend that money. How they choose to spend the holidays. What their family life looks like.

I know you know someone, or know of someone who lives your dream life.

Picture them.

Watch them being, doing and having all the things you desire.

Now allow that vision to morph, and instead of picturing them, picture yourself in those shoes.

Allow that face to become your face.

That house to become your home.

That lifestyle to become your normal.

That abundance to become your life.

Now watch yourself.

Your dream reality. Your daily routine how you desire it to be.

Your home as you desire it to be.

Your clothes and presence as you desire it to be.

Your work, career and business as you desire it to be.

Your friends, family and lifestyle, as you desire it to be.

Your bank accounts as you desire them to be.

Your spending as you desire it to be.

Allow this movie to unfold behind your eyes.

Smile as you play along and revel in all the abundance your dream life holds.

Allow the feelings to consume you.

Feel a shiver up your spine.

The butterflies in your stomach.

A tear run down your cheek from sheer happiness.

Allow the warmth of joy and abundance to flow through your veins.

Fully immerse yourself in your desires.

Open your eyes and say this statement to yourself out loud:

“My desires are my Soul’s way of reminding me of my Destiny”

Here’s the truth:

If you desire it, it’s yours. You can have it. You can have all of it.

The only difference between being a spectator of your own life, and being the Star of your own life, is your decision to lead, or not to lead.

Do you choose to be the main event of your own life?

Do you choose to take control of all facets, all energies, and all manifestations?

Do you choose to be the Leading Lady? The Star of your own show?

My coach said to me last week, “Harriette, the show doesn’t start until the Star shows up… are you going to show up?”

I ask you the same question, are you going to show up? Are you going to command your life and business? Or are you going to watch as it spirals and evolves beyond your control?

Do you choose to remain a victim of circumstance?

Or do you actually want to do something about it?

Do you want that vision? Or do you prefer to stay in your current reality?

When we choose to step into a leadership role, dramatic changes happen. 

When you understand what it is to have absolute control of your command centre, you realise life is more like the matrix than you ever imagined.

When you make choices, and investments, you might never have made before, you get results that you NEVER would have had before.

Rise with Divine Leaders

Take 100% command and control of your own life, of all situations, and of every outcome. 

My love always



Posted on

December 4, 2018