The Power of Numerology With Your Highest Paying Clients


Hey Gorgeous

Just taking a quick lunch break between clients and marvelling at the power of numerology once more.

This morning I had a session with one of my VIP clients and we were navigating through the results of her most recent launch trying to find points of misalignment so we could create an even greater launch for next month.

40 minutes went by as we bounced ideas off one another, until eventually I went back to her numerology chart.

5 minutes and just 4 questions later…. we had the answer in black and white, and the feeling of ‘hell yes’ alignment came flooding back into our session.

This particular VIP client is one of the most aligned and intuitive clients I have the privilege of working with, but unlocking next level abundance requires tools greater than just using our own intuition. We can’t possibly know everything no matter how psychic and gifted we are. Some things are just best left to the good old written gospel, as scribed by the Universe herself: In Your Soul Destiny Blueprint (aka numerology reading).

Whether you’re a coach or not, the gift of numerology unlocks insights that can’t be accessed elsewhere, not even in astrology.

The energy and frequency of these numbers is something that exists within you, not in the sky and the stars. 

We are closing the doors for the Priestess Numerology trainings at the end of this week! If you’ve been thinking about it, now is the time to jump in.

Priestess Numerology goes beyond the numerological birth chart reading (Soul Destiny Blueprint) and teaches you how to read and receive messages from the Universe on a daily basis. It’s a tool you can use not only for yourself but for your clients, friends and loved ones.

And now we’re offering you the opportunity to become a certified Priestess Numerologist at no extra charge, should you wish to sit the exam at the end of the program.

As always when we get to doors close time we get an influx of requests for extended payment plans, so if affordability is the thing holding you back please do let us know so we can craft something for you.

Our mission here is service!

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My love always

Harriette & The Whole Team


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February 27, 2020