The pain of being in service


I’m on the runway at Albany airport. The plane is grounded for some reason. So I’m mindlessly scrolling through Instagram (Thankyou 2019) and watching all the incredible Ladies Aligned videos.

Ladies Aligned is the love child of two of my Soul Sister Mastermind 2018 graduates. They birthed the idea and the passion whilst I was coaching them and have had incredible success.

This weekend they invited me to be their keynote speaker at their event, Align & Rise, and I couldn’t have been more honoured and more proud.

These two are killing it. And honestly the success of this weekend is just the tip of the iceberg.

This kind of success is what all my Soul Sister grads can expect. For some it takes longer than others but the knowledge, insight and understanding is there.

Since I initiated as a Priestess back in 2017, my role as a coach became very very clear:

?I’m the power that lifts others up to where they are supposed to be

?I see truth and gift and possibility in people that they have no idea exists until they start working with me

?I ensure my clients manifest their destiny blueprints in the highest dimensions (we can manifest in anything from 1D to 7D)

?I am the force that elevates other Souls to a place of alignment, passion, purpose and true Abundance

?And when I say true Abundance I mean spiritual AND material wealth

?I’m the stage mom pushing my clients to go bigger and go harder, always with Consciousness, and teaching them things they never knew about life, about themselves, about the Universe

? My channel to Source is so strong there’s no escaping your inevitable abundant life when you work with me

So seeing Sandy and Melissa blow up in ways they were always supposed to makes my heart burst 

Mission accomplished 

And as they celebrated everyone else last night at dinner, I had to stand up and invite everyone else to celebrate them. Because they fucking deserve it.

And I revelled in the joy of being able to say to them “I fucking told you so”.

Because I told them in April 2018 they were meant for life changing things and I cracked them wide open and pushed them through pain and held them when they wanted to give up and pushed them some more – constantly delivering new knowledge, psychic guidance, maternal support, strategy, science, spirit, insight, and consciousness. Giving up was not an option.

So today on Instagram I saw someone from the audience capture them on video with a caption that read:

“These two are creating incredible transformation”

And my heart sank


Hear me out. I’m human. Yes I’m a High Priestess. But I still feel the human shit. Even though I can alchemise it now in under a minute. I still feel it.

And here’s what my ego felt:

“Actually I’m the force that pushed them to be where they are now. I went through the impossible shit with them. I gave so much of me to make sure they would give so much of themselves. I’m the power behind these incredible women that I get to coach. I’m the one creating incredible transformation”

And then my Soul kicked in. In under a minute:

“You agreed to be in full selfless service Harriette. Actually you chose this. You have a 4 karma. Again, your choice. Pay the debt. Be in humble service. This isn’t about you. This is about contributing to the collective consciousness to raise the vibration of the planet for the greatest and highest good of all. You are recognised and appreciated and loved for what you do. You’re living your Soul purpose. You really have it all. The need for more recognition, especially from that one person, is showing you the absence of consciousness in yourself. You’re still not fully whole with Source and consciousness. You’ve still got work to do. You must remain in service. I know you ache to be accepted and appreciated by all. But that’s not what you’re here to do. You’re here to take the hit so others can shine. This is a 3 year. For you it’s now a 4 year. Welcome to life as a 31 year old! So practice what you preach lady. You’re a vessel for Source. That’s a fucking honour. Focus on the task in hand. Don’t get distracted. Change the world. Be the force behind those who will be the face of that change. There’s only one kind of recognition you need: self-recognition. Along with self-acceptance, self-love, and self-stability. Then you truly have it all. Shake it off kid. It’s not about you. It’s about the greatest highest good of all humanity. This ain’t a popularity contest”. 

So my ego butted up again. She’s hurting. A little.

But my Soul. The one who now leads. She’s conscious AF. She’s smiling.

And between the two of us. We really do have it all. (Having it all was the topic I spoke about on the Align & Rise stage yesterday). 

To all my other soul sisters, and clients, you’re all awesome too. I adore you. You’re killing it. You’re world changers. For many of you your success story is pretty damn similar. For others your time is still coming. But it’s coming. Trust me.

Because when you work with me, success is the only option. It’s literally my Soul purpose, as much as it pains me to let you fly the nest and leave me standing on the sidelines watching you do your thang!

I’m your stage mom. Your Soul mom. Your coach. 

Forever in service,

With love always,

Harriette x


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May 3, 2019