The easiest way to receive money

My darling,

Tonight I was supposed to write you one final message to help you “get off the fence” and jump into the Money Consciousness Method LITE


I spent 2 and a half hours on the phone to a girlfriend catching up and putting the world to rights.

So whilst I COULD sit here and force an email, I thought I’d show you something better:

The sale is not in the email

It’s not in the final email

It’s not in the number of emails

It’s not in anything you DO

The money flows simply comes from your commitment to BEING

The “sale” actually exists in the hands of your client / consumer / customer.

The sale isn’t in you, it’s in them.

It’s a completely different way to look at money receiving, and it actually requires far less effort, zero hustle or struggle… the money flows when you fully honour you and your desires and being in flow with the Universe.

So tonight I desired to be on the phone to a girlfriend. Tonight I fully surrendered to the flow of my evening, not once creating space for voices of “you should be writing final sales emails instead”. And right now, I’m surrendering to bed.

Knowing and trusting that those who are meant to join the MCM LITE whilst I sleep will join, and I will get to celebrate with you all tomorrow.

Because the receipt of effortless money flow is not in anything I DO against my flow, but rather everything I AM, IN my flow.

Make sense? It will once you’re on your way to becoming Money Consciousness 🙂

This is the final email you’re getting to remind you the power is your hands, and your money flow, is your choice. 

I’d love to show you how I’ve made it so effortless and easy for me and hundreds of others.

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My love always