The only thing between you and abundance

An absence of abundance in your life means one thing and one thing only, a disconnect from Source. 

Unfortunately, the way we’ve been doing life for thousands of years has set us up for perpetual disconnection. The narratives that get passed from generation to generation, the school system, the 9-5, the assumed timeline of go to college, get a job, buy a house, have 2.4 children, work to pay the bills until you’re 60 odd and then wait to die has us spending our precious time on Earth desperately trying to conform to a reality that was likely never meant for us. 

When we conform to a version of the truth that doesn’t come directly from the Soul, we suffer, because existing in anything that isn’t your Soul truth is traumatic. It’s what leads to depression, anxiety, lack of fulfillment, illness, seeking pleasure through things like gossip, succumbing to a victim mindset and of course… a lack of abundance. 

We’re at the dawn of the Aquarian Age, change is now inevitable, but humanity hasn’t caught up with this huge energetic shift yet, we’re still very much living in a patriarchy. You only have to look at what’s been happening in the world over the last 18 months to know this intense misalignment is at breaking point. What’s required of all of us now is a commitment to re-education, to take massive responsibility for shifting yourself out of your patriarchal conditioning, out of the limited, lineal way of thinking that the old ways taught you and into a way of being that’s not only going to serve you, but everyone around you too. A commitment to nurture your connection to Source and re-open the abundant flow not just for your money, but for every single area of your life. 

How do you do this? Consciousness. 

This is what makes the Money Consciousness Method SO different from allll the other money trainings out there. It goes way beyond mindset, it takes you far deeper than simple manifesting and intention setting. It goes even beyond education and takes you into embodiment. 
It transcends simply understanding the information being presented to you and allows you to anchor, ground and absorb the knowledge into your lived experience. 

This is exactly why so many people see results within days, sometimes hours after signing up. Once you reconnect, the shifts are instantaneous. 

It’s literally like a tap, it’s either turned on or off. Without true consciousness, you’re trapped in the old ways. You’re not expanding or evolving in the way that your Soul desires, and the tap is turned off. But as you begin to come home to yourself, re-engage with your Soul’s deepest aspirations and remember that you are a limitless spiritual being simply having a physical experience, your consciousness elevates, and the tap gets turned on. 

Opportunities start to appear. 
Clients suddenly get off the fence. 
That pay rise you thought was never coming arrives out the blue. 
Your credit limit gets increased. 
A tax rebate finds its way to you. 
Someone you forgot you leant money to randomly pays you back. 
The purchase you were procrastinating on is all of a sudden cheaper (good point to mention that the MCM Lite is only £690!) 
The hotel room you booked gets upgraded for free. 
You find an old savings account. 
The charity you donate to selects you as their monthly cash prize winner. 
You receive a free coffee from someone who bought a “pay it forward” cup earlier that morning. 

And it goes on and on. The more you remember that you are a reflection of the Universe, YOU are Source, you are limitless, the more you realise the conditioning you grew up with and has been dictating your life so far can be simply put down whenever you choose. 

You get to change the story. You get to do it differently. You get to date yourself and your Soul and find out how this gig called life is going to work for YOU. You can make today a blank canvas and doodle away to your heart’s content creating a brand new set of rules for living that allow you to actually LIVE. 

When you get that, you see the true potential of what’s on offer here. You join for the money, we deliver the magic. 

Today is the final, final day to sign up for MCM Lite. £690 to access just the core modules 1-6 of the Money Consciousness Method. Or £79 a month if you go for the payment plan. 

Make today your blank canvas. 

Make today the day you come home to Source, come home to YOU.

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Love always,