The One Thing I Did Last January Which Made 2018 My Most Successful Year

First proper working day of the year! How is it starting for you?

I’m still knee deep in baby washing, have only just got dressed (at 11.59am), and haven’t even remotely stuck to the scheduled intention I declared for myself last night, haha!

There’s always tomorrow!

As I was scurrying around my house trying to get my head straight with a two month old baby and all the things that come with that, I asked myself:

“What did I do this time last year that made 2018 so incredibly successful?”

The answer:

I stepped into my own as the Leading Money Mindset Expert and Coach in the UK

It was the first time I properly ‘owned’ an identity as an expert in anything, but that mindset shift, the declaration, and the determination that came with it was literally life-changing, in every way:

Upgrading my mindset, upgraded my status, my finances, my relationships, my capacity to serve, my clarity, my intuition, my whole world. Basically.

Here’s what that looked like:

I started declaring my new Identity to myself and the whole wide world every single day

I only put out offers that felt good, aligned and authentic

I followed my intuition for EVERYTHING

I invested heavily in my self-growth and development

I got comfortable with the flow of money in and out of my account

I drank a shit ton of water

I committed to 90 minute stints of high productive

I napped when I needed to

I ate when I needed to

I had fun, in business, and in life!

And I also STOPPED doing a lot of things:

I stopped procrastinating because I realised my procrastination was just my resistance to growth

I stopped hiding away behind my laptop and actually got out into the world

I stopped sending emails to just sell stuff (it didn’t feel real anymore)

I stopped pretending to be someone I wasn’t

I stopped trying so hard to impress everyone

I stopped trying to prove something to the world

I stopped the hustle mentality (because I realised hustle only equals burnout)

I stopped tolerating bullshit, from my own ego, and from others around me

I stopped playing the victim and started taking full responsibility for my success

I became the coach I always wanted to be!

And I made an incredible impact on those I reached. 

So here’s what I’m doing this year:

I’m upping my game and stretching my reach

I’m also going to be an incredible mother to my child

Which means delegating more and doing less

So in order to do that, I’m training people up to become Ask Harriette certified Money Mindset coaches!

If you’re an action taker and you’re serious about becoming an Ask Harriette certified coach in 2019 and are ready to join the ranks of leading coaching experts in the world, then this is for you!

Ready to take some serious action and get 2019 sorted before we leave 2018?!

My love always



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January 14, 2019