The morning after effect!


Good morning from sunny NYC

Yesterday’s in-person VIP day was INCREDIBLE. There were 11 of us in the end. Obviously. The Divine number.

Three last minute faces who joined us quite last minute for the evening dinner and conversation, all of whom barely even knew of me, one of whom had only found me on Instagram last week !!

But they all knew, for reasons they couldn’t quite figure out, that they NEEDED to be in my energy, to hear what I have to say, to have their fears squashed, their questions answered, their perspectives altered, and their lives changed forever.

I do have life changing impact on everyone who comes into contact with me. 

It might sound like a big heady claim, but I honestly write that statement now with so much gratitude and humility, and authenticity. I recognise that statement doesn’t come from a place of ego, but rather owning my Soul purpose and path.

I am the High Priestess of Light ?

Tomorrow is my 31st birthday, and i’ve you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know there’s a big rebirth and rebrand coming as I enter my 31st year!

This rebirth begins by completely stripping my website, and stepping into an even heightened sense of purpose and impact.

Which means I will be removing all but TWO of my signature programmes from my website. 

As of tomorrow, there will only be a few ways to work with me and learn from me:

?The 11 Universal Laws (online class)

?Desire Decide Done, Mini Money Bootcamp (online class)

?Soul Sister & Soul Mister Masterminds

?1:1 Coaching (including the Priestess Protege Programme)

That’s it!

No more Energy Alchemy

No more How To Make 10k In 10 Days

No More Law of Abundance Bundle

No More Light Tour Replays

No More Light Consciousness Programme

No More Money Mindset System Programme

No More Goddess Gift


If you want any of these programmes, you have less than 24 hours to grab them before they disappear forever!

(Obviously if you’re already a student of any of these programmes you will retain life time access, I’m just not selling them anymore)

?It’s time for a rebirth

?It’s time to shine even brighter

?It’s time to own my power, strength, impact and influence

?And that means taking my energy off the table


Forcing you to step up and own your right and responsibility by pushing you to make decision and take actions that perhaps you weren’t ready for. But now is the time. If any of these programmes are calling to you, this is your last chance.

Go to and select the drop down menu under ‘Online Courses’.

And thank me when you’ve had your mind blown, and energy transformed forever.

Stand by for tomorrow. Something beautiful is about to begin. 

My love always



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April 25, 2019