The Lionsgate Transmissions!!

WOW! What A Day!!

11 transmissions later you’d think I’d be knackered but I’ve never felt so full of energy in my entire life! So is the power of the Lionsgate Portal!

Here’s what came through:

  • Welcome To Lionsgate
  • How To Heal the Mind
  • Liberation from the definition of “why”
  • The Why…. A Continuum
  • The Root Cause of Pain & Stress
  • The Time Trap
  • How Do We Know What’s Possible For Us?
  • How Do We Know What We Really Desire?
  • 2020:2023 – Choose Your Pattern
  • Where Power Aligns With Power
  • The Pre-Portal Preview!

And the feedback has been phenomenal so far! Check this out:

🦁 “Halfway through How Do We Know What We Desire and crying 😭 like a baby!! This was a conversation I needed someone to have with me, to hear from someone else ….you are already…🕊 🙏❤️🔥”

🦁 “Possibility and Potentiality 🔥 I love it!! I’ll be listening to this over and over x”

🦁 “2 mins in to How do we know what we really desire and CHILLS. ✨✨✨Freedom ✨✨✨”

🦁 “And you’ve given us the roadmap to collapse and forgive and heal it all. In this very moment!! 🦋”

🦁 “No more abandoning myself to be a ‘good’ human
Ugh. I honor myself now..above all🙏”

🦁 “Pain and stress…. As long as we tried – I’m crying my eyes out”

🦁 “WOW 🤩”

🦁 ““When the action is the full expression of you, there is no why!” Omg that landed 🤯! Absolute gold 🥇 I can scarcely keep up with the mic drop moments 🎤”

🦁 ““There is no why – it just is” ✨ argh my god. My jaw is on the frigging floor. The time piece…🤯😅
I also listened to Duality part 5 today The Void. What a day!
I feel so free!! Free from the frickin’ struggle!! 🤣🤣🤣💞✨”

🦁 “All these 🦁 – slow down, enjoy the moment, create in the moment, and the universe will be waiting for you to provide whatever you want and need”

🦁 “OMG The Time Trap – I was creating the course she spoke of as you said the words  🤯✨🤯✨”

🦁 “How To Heal The Mind, Lionsgate – Wow! Wow! Wow! My mind is blown. You could have been talking specifically to me in a closed room because this is exactly where I have been for a looooong time, trying to find me way out of this compressing, confusing, contradictory maze of the mind. 🙏❤️”

🦁 “Me too. That linked with the other transmissions is so powerful. I keep hearing in my head ‘if you keep trying, you’re good enough’ 😪”

🦁 “How to heal the mind had me connecting so many dots… 🤯  The root cause of pain!

Just Wow!  – Thank you 🙏🏻”

^^^^ And dozens more like it!!

>>> Come play in the portal magic, it might just blow your mind in the best way :) <<<

Also I’ll give you a sneaky preview of some of the Lionsgate Exclusive Offers we’ve got available!


Pre-sale Lionsgate Exclusive: £288 (plus use your Lionsgate voucher for a further £88 off)

The TURN ON is a brand new programme coming to Ask Harriette in September / October 2022 which teaches you how to activate your inner magnetism, confidence, creativity & excitement in your brand, in your business, and even in your personal life.
Instead of experiencing fleeting moment of magnetism where sales are flooding in and your creativity & energy is high… learn how to TURN ON the magic yourself so it’s no longer out of your control!

🦁 Turning Heads: THE ONE to Watch

Brand new mini course coming soon! Date TBC (approx October).

The one on creating a stand out brand so powerful, they can’t help but watch… and BUY… repeatedly!
This is definitely one for those of you with an online social media presence which you use as a platform for your sales… if your brand ain’t poppin’ it’s no wonder those sales ain’t happenin’!

Your BRAND is the thing that makes you a go-to expert. It’s the thing that makes people search for your IG account if you don’t immediately pop up in their stories. Your BRAND is way more than a colour palette and a cute logo. It’s your communication. It’s your energy. It’s how you radiate with all of it that makes you magnetic.

£111 (plus use your Lionsgate voucher for a further £88 off… yes really). This will be £222 on pre-sale when it goes live to the public.

🦁 The Way of The Priestess

Ooof. This is a first. And a biggy.

For those of you who desire to walk the Priestess Path and one day enter the Priestess Paradigm… I’ve built you a bridge… a stepping stone… a means to collapse time between now and your Soul mission as a Priestess.
This is a group programme which will give you the foundational Priestess training.
£888 for Lionsgate Ladies.

Will be £2222 on early-bird when it launches to the public in November 2022 (approx).

🦁 The Writers Retreat – Dec 2022

Another first!

Picture this… a cozy Glastonbury cottage, log fires ablaze sending ripples of heat over the stone floors littered with sheepskin rugs, beanbags, and mugs of coffee, whilst the December rain lashes against the windows and the wind howls around The Tor… the only other sound is the clickety clack of nails on a laptop keyboard as you, me, and a huddle of inspired & determined creatives pour our words into our machines, expressing what has been on our hearts & minds for months, if not years… yearning to be articulated but never finding the time or the space.

THIS IS THE TIME & SPACE… for your book to come to fruition, or for your website & blog pages to come alive, for your social media posts to take on a whole new energy, or for your magazine articles to find headlines on front covers.

Whatever is within you that needs to come out in the form of literary magic… this is the TIME & SPACE.

I will take you to the very same cottages in Glastonbury I host my retreats at, where I completed many of my own spiritual trainings, and where I initiated as a Priestess. This is also the very same sacred space I downloaded the infamous 11 Universal Laws and have started writing MANY books! This year I intend to finish them, and I’d love for you to be there with me, sharing in the channel magic that happens so effortlessly!

Every day I will take you through a meditation, channel practice & activation, and the rest of the day we will spend writing, sharing, and supporting one another whilst we work our way through endless pots of coffee, warming nourishing stews, and no doubt more than a few too many mince pies!

3 days, 3 nights… £1000 per person. Solo & shared rooms available. Only 7 spots available!

^^^ These are just 4 of 8 incredible offers! Currently only available to Lionsgate ladies. They may well come into the public domain but the price will go up on ALL of them!

And of course you can use your gifted £88 voucher towards them if you wish, or towards a class or course you desire more! (I just ask you please don’t use the voucher for Femme, Glastonbury in September, the LUXE days, or pre-sale offers), but you CAN use it on all of the Lionsgate offers !!

There may yet be more magic to come… so is the power of Lionsgate!!

See you inside if you feel called 😘

>>> Gimme that Lionsgate Love <<<

I love you!