The Lionsgate Portal – what you need to know


The Lionsgate Portal  – what you need to know

In short, it’s a really freaking exciting time!

You may have read some bits on the internet, and double tapped a few posts on Insta, but what does all this Lionsgate stuff really mean?

The portal has been open since July 26th, and remains open until August 12th, but tomorrow, the 8th of the 8th, is when the energies peak.

By the way…. how freaking cool is it that the Soul Power calls begin tomorrow for enrolling in my new mastermind?! Genuinely didn’t plan it that way… it just happened. So Divine! Can’t wait to chat with so many of you and onboard you into this innovative new container. Life changing times ahead!

So, Lionsgate… and the 8 (from a Priestess perspective)

8 is the number of abundance, money, and infinite energy exchange. In short it’s the energy of expansion. 

The portal itself is believed to open via the Star of Sirius, through which high vibrational energies are emitted down to Earth. 

As with all energies in the Universe, the onus is on us to leverage them to our advantage, and understand that if everything is an illusion, then we truly do have the power to take the energy available to us and create whatever the hell we want!

Expect to be feeling all kinds of things, the vibrations will affect everyone differently. For some this shift will bring old wounds to the surface that need to be healed, for others this energy will act as a huge activation upgrade, and some people won’t even be remotely aware of what’s happening.

The point is it doesn’t matter. Whether you’re into all this “spiritual stuff”, or not, it’s happening, and the reality that you choose to create at the peak of this energy (tomorrow on 8/8) is important.

My advice…?

?If you’ve got big money goals and dreams, go for it tomorrow.

? If you need to heal an old wound / story / relationship, have that conversation tomorrow.

?If you’ve been seeking for guidance from your spirit team, ask them out loud tomorrow, and create the space for the answers to come to you.

?If you’ve been putting something off that requires courage and decisiveness, do it tomorrow.

?If you’re ready to step up in someway in any area of your life… do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is your time to shine. Remember that. The energy that is available to you is expansive and abundant. Keep your vibration high, your thoughts positive, and set some unrealistic expectations for the day… the magic WILL happen.

Can’t wait to chat to so many of you on such an auspicious day tomorrow!

If you haven’t yet booked in your Soul Power call with me to discuss the new innovative mastermind starting in September, guess what… tomorrow is the day to get it booked, haha!

>>> Here’s that booking link <<<

Happy Lionsgate

May this be the start of something great for you

My love always



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August 7, 2019