The less you work the more you earn

The less you work the more you earn

Say what?! Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

Does it also sound slightly impossible?

OK let me break it down

If you want to earn more whilst working less, here’s what that looks like:

  • You DON’T have to quit your job
  • You DON’T need to get a pay rise
  • You DON’T need to switch careers
  • You DON’T need to increase your prices
  • You DON’T need to start a whole new business
  • You DON’T have to start the network marketing thing
  • You DON’T have to get 100k followers on Instagram
  • You DON’T have to become a celebrity
  • You DON’T have to buy a lottery ticket
  • You DON’T need to learn how to flip property
  • You DON’T need worldwide PR
  • You DON’T need to work yourself into the ground

Ok so what DO you need?

  • An empowered Money Mindset
  • An understanding of Money Energy
  • A connection to Source / Universe / God / Angels
  • A toolbox to help you leap every hurdle
  • A community you can rise with
  • The core belief that you CAN earn more by working less

??Perhaps you’re already in business

??Perhaps you’re already earning good money

??Perhaps you’re already buying nice things

?Perhaps you’re also wistfully dreaming about having a spare 20k to spend on a first class vacation

?Perhaps you’re frustrated that your audience isn’t as big as it ‘could’ be

?Perhaps you’re yearning to make a greater impact but you know that requires more dollar 

?Perhaps you’ve walked past that Chanel handbag a gazillion times thinking ‘one day’

?Perhaps you’ve just realised there’s a limit on what you seem to be available to earn every month and you can’t move past that

➡️Honey, you can be financially ‘OK’ and still have money blocks

I know I did when I got stuck making 250k a year. I just couldn’t move past that damn figure. I was too comfortable. Everything was paid for. We lived a nice life. 

But then all of a sudden it wasn’t enough. I wanted more.

But I stopped myself wanting more, because who the hell was I to want more than 250k a year. Most people would KILL for that kind of money and freedom.

But it didn’t feel like freedom after a while. It felt restrictive. 

My Soul was desperate to expand. And my ego kept telling it to ‘sit down and shush’ because what we had was ‘good enough’.

There’s no such thing as good enough! We get to want what we want, and follow our wants with expensive energy, and just keep wanting more, and having more, and wanting more, and doing more, and wanting more, and being more.

We get to be, do and have it all!

And being, doing and having it all, can also mean you get to work less whilst earning more.

It means your work becomes effortless ease grace and flow because you are energetically aligned to receive abundance NO MATTER WHAT. 

Because your core beliefs have shifted to support the receipt of Abundance into your life on a daily basis. 

Because as you do the work on yourself, you become energetically rewarded in the form of cash arrivals.

True story:

Yesterday my coach called bullshit on me for my own financial abundant support block. A ten minute conversation with her, followed by a ten minute conversation with my accountant, resulted in an instant £5000 surge in sales. ✨I made 5k in TEN MINUTES✨. Because I moved through my monetary block. I shifted that energy and I welcomed in more abundance. 

I didn’t DO anything. Not work wise anyway.

I just used my toolbox from the Money Mindset System. Did the thing I was most scared to do. Et voila!

Thing is, several years ago,  I would have had no idea how to recognise that block, or how to deal with it.

This is what the Money Mindset System does for you. It helps you to realise the blocks, feel into them, talk to them, shift through them, replace them with more aligned beliefs, and level up into new energetic frequencies of abundance.

It’s a system you have for life and you will do over and over and over again, every single time you reach a glass ceiling made up of new money blocks. They never really go away. You just get better and quicker at seeing them, blasting them, and stepping up. 

Next level please and thank you!

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I’m known as the leading Money Mindset Expert and Coach in the UK, and a Priestess of Light. 

I stated out as a business coach after many people witnessed my success and asked me how the hell I got over that debt situation I was in. I then began specialising in energy and specifically the energy of money, and my own spiritual journey led me to initiate as Priestess.

Last year I took my knowledge and teachings on a world tour and impacted the lives of hundreds and thousands of people in the process. They even stuck me on Australian national TV streaming live to 2million people. Gulp. 

It was fun.

BUT, teaching Money Mindset is the most fun. It’s seriously my jam.

I teach it slightly differently every single time so the online course just becomes even more expansive and packed full of gold dust every single time we open the doors. 

I always open enrolment in January because it’s the best time of year to make a change, create a new habit, and actually stick to it. 

We’re kinda all over the New Year New Me bullshit. I just want a new bank account, and new money goals. Yes please and thank you baby!

If you’re with me then let’s level up together.

My love always

Harriette p.s. remember, when you understand how this shit works, you will naturally begin to work less and earn more ??



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January 17, 2019