The leap of Self


For years we’ve been taking epic leaps of faith.

Today’s the day you stop… and instead start to take epic leaps of SELF. 

We flipped the script. The wheel turned. It’s The Age of Aquarius.

Which basically means the old ways don’t work anymore. The new ways are here, and they’re bloody powerful. But I need to teach them to you!

Today the 5 days to M.O.R.E. coaching experience began and I walked almost 1000 people through the first lesson in taking an epic leap of Self.

The Aquarian age is all about activating you, your work, your tribe, your contribution, and the message you came here to speak.

When we are outside of ourselves there is very little we can do, but when we come back to ourSelves, to our true essence, to our Divine expression, we can manifest and rearrange energy with lightening speed.

You know if you’re outside of yourself if you’re experiencing negative vibrations such as anxiety, fear, stress, disappointment, frustration, impatience, comparisonitis, self-doubt, fear of showing up, fear of being seen, fear of conflict, judgement… and anything else which has a remotely negative vibe to it.

When you’re fully IN yourSelf you trust everything. There is a sense of peace, bliss, sometimes excitement, confidence, surety, an almost ‘guarantee’ on this thing called life because you’re so embodied, so activated, and so present, you call in what you desire as you desire and you never fail to disappoint yourSelf.

It’s a beautiful place to be. And yes it takes work to get there. But you can start today by joining the 5 day M.O.R.E. experience, catch up with the replay from today, and join us tomorrow for round 2!


My love always



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September 23, 2020