The Knowingness of Money Flow

The Knowingness of Money Flow

I caught myself scrolling the gram earlier and looking at all the dresses I’m going to buy for myself post-pregnancy when I’m back to my usual shape (I’m currently rocking a 21-week pregnancy bump and doing the cute thing), and KNOWING that of course I’ll go back to my usual size, of course I’ll feel sexy again, of course I’m going to love teasing the crap out of my husband with sexy lingerie and revealing dresses, because that’s just me, it’s just who I am, it’s what I love, it’s one of the many ways I express myself. 

I love to dress up. I love to dress sexy. I love to drive my husband wild with lust.

I’m not saying I can’t do that with a pregnancy belly, in fact the pregnancy boobs are definitely a sexy bonus right now, but size 6 dresses just aren’t an option right now haha. Not that we’ve got anywhere to go anywhere… we’re still in lockdown in the UK!

Observing myself in the knowingness of my post-pregnancy body and knowingness of my sex goddess status, I recognised I have the exact same knowingness with my money flow, and both are quite simply a choice. 

I choose to know that my post-pregnancy body is sexy AF (not saying my pregnancy body isn’t, but we’re focusing on future inevitables here).
I choose to know that my money flow is constant, and overflowing, and unlimited.

There will be things about the future that you already know Ellie.

There will be things you know so deeply you don’t even question them, & the option of the negative narrative doesn’t even enter your mind.

You just KNOW some things. You’ve made the choice so often, so many times, it’s just a part of your non-negotiable core-belief.

You can choose to add never-ending money flow to your existing set of solid AF positive core beliefs and knowingness.

If you’re having a “yeah right H” moment, or a “how?” moment, ask yourself why not? If you can have certainty about some things, who said you can’t have certainty about all things?

Certainty comes from permission (see earlier email).

Certainty comes from choosing the thing repeatedly until your psyche knows no different.

Certainty comes from believing and taking action from that space of belief.

Certainty is what I’m offering you inside SourceMind. 

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I love you

You really can have it all

Harriette x