The greatest love story of all time ?


Monday’s conversation took an unexpected turn from self care to self pleasure, but today I want to bring you back to your self care, and what that actually looks like as a Soul desiring to give more to the world, and making money whilst doing it.

We desire more.

It’s the human condition. But it’s also the human design. Law of Expansion vibes. The more we earn, the more we desire. The more we achieve, the more we desire. The bigger impact we make, the more we desire. The more opportunities we create, the more we desire. The more wisdom we share, the more we desire. The more we learn, the more we desire. The more we love, the more we desire. 

So if the Soul is always desiring more, the first chapter in your love story is honouring that desire and acting on it.

It’s OK to desire more. And it’s OK to be constantly expanding in pursuit of more. 

?More money.

?More knowledge.

?More impact.

?More love.

?More sex.

?More opportunity.

?More travel.

?More time.

?More understanding.

?More power.

?More success.

?More magic.

?More abundance.

?More SOUL.

And in pursuit of more, we have a tendency as humans to push from heart. To give and give and give, and force ourselves forward, unconsciously willing ourselves to be the expansive force behind the ‘more’ that we desire in our lives. 

I’m going to let you in on a secret here.

Pushing from the heart = burnout on every level. Physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, energetically, spiritually, cerebrally, sexually. The list goes on.

The heart is not for pushing. The heart is for receiving. 

The solar plexus is where the drive and the ‘push’ comes from. 

The sacral chakra is your creative force – The fire that rips through the forest of objection with effortless ease, delightful grace, and abundant flow.

So the second chapter in your love story, especially in the pursuit of more, is to use your internal manifesting machine. 

Receive through the heart. Give from the solar plexus. Create from the sacral (your womb space).

And then switch up that order to make it even more powerful. 

?Create from your desire.

?Run with the fire & the fuel in your belly.

❤️And surrender into Divine receiving as you open your heart to the abundant expansive knowledge that simply by being, by coming home to your Soul, you are forever expanding, and forever MORE.

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Oh yeah, I changed the name from Soul Power to Soul Money, but that’s a story for tomorrow 😉

Love always



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August 14, 2019