The frequency of blame

The frequency of blame is potentially one of the most life changing shifts you will ever create for yourself. 

Blame keeps you stuck. 
Blame keeps you wounded. 
Blame makes you the victim – and when you’re in a victim consciousness you are also in shame. Shame tells you you’re not worthy of resolution, and so you spin around on a wheel of sabotage and repeating patterns of escapism instead of effortlessly expanding into the fullness of your potential. 

Blame is sneaky. If you’re not blaming others, you’re likely blaming yourself. Which usually looks something like this… 

I should have said X when I had the chance. If I’d known this, I would have done Y so differently. I could have done more Z if I’d only shifted ABC around a little bit and then perhaps I wouldn’t have caused 123. 

All those shoulda woulda coulda’s are self blame. 

That frequency becomes stuck in your body. It locks itself into your emotions and you take it with you into future situations where it erupts as a trigger, or a self-betrayal or a refusal to step into an awesome opportunity and you end up on a hamster wheel of wanting something different but always getting the same. 

That is until you create The Shift (the replay from Day 2 is now available!) 

This particular shift is created by extracting the lesson. The deep lesson, not the “oh well I just won’t mix with that person again” type of lesson which is really just a defense mechanism that creates separation and divide, I mean the lesson that actually releases you from the experience all together and extinguishes all blame, of yourself or others. 

When you extract the lesson, you remove the frequency that has become lodged in your body and you dissolve all emotional ties or charge to the memory of the experience. You find total peace and acceptance with that experience. 

You know you’ve extracted what you need because THE lesson comes with neutrality and grace. It doesn’t create walls of protection, it doesn’t build a fortress around the emotion you don’t desire to feel, it breaks down all barriers and resistance to higher consciousness within you. It allows you to soften and heal, not become hard and plaster over a wound. 

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