The Frequency Of Abundance

The Frequency Of Abundance

Last night I was journalling on more Money Myths (spoiler alert: I’ll be sharing all these new journal insights with you very soon), and I tapped into why so many people struggle with their money mindset and financial status despite “doing the work”.

You see there’s such a thing as ‘trying to do the work’ and doing it on a superficial level where only the ego is engaged.

And then there’s actually ‘doing the work’ from a Soul-led place of humility and grace, and actually admitting that we’re not perfect in the first place, and just because we feel strong emotions or feelings about something, doesn’t mean we are always right, or that we know best.

We all have a part of us which we dismiss and claim we don’t need to work on it, either because it’s already done, or because we believe it’s not affecting us.

Actually that’s the bit we probably need to do the most work on.

And this can often mean taking a huge bite of humble pie.

The ego gets defensive when we try to undo its conditioning

The ego like to point the finger of blame, at someone or something external to us.

The ego likes to lash out and say nasty hurtful things to others, or about others.

The ego wants to defend our emotions and feelings as rational and valid.

The ego judges, criticises, glosses over actualities, ignores truth, and engages in ‘woe me’ stories.

This might be hard to read if you’re resonating with any of this, but we’re human. It’s the truth. We all have ego.

And that’s totally OK.


Abundance exists at an entirely different frequency.

Abundance exists at the frequencies of grace, humility, kindness, compassion, understanding (or at least curiosity), love, selflessness, generosity (the authentic kind), forgiveness and surrender.

When it comes to money, if we operate from a place of ego, from frequencies of blame, frustration, anger, revenge, spite, bitterness, or self-pity, then we’re not an energetic match for receiving money.


If we choose a different vibration. If we choose to lead from Soul and love, from a place of empowered truth and humility, then we instantly become an energetic match for the giving and receiving of money.

Of course we are human.

And we are here to experience the full range of human emotion available to us.

I’m not suggesting for one minute we radiate high frequencies 24/7, because unless you’re a spiritualist monk who has dedicated his or her life to meditating in the mountains, it’s pretty much impossible.

What I am suggesting though is that we move into conscious choice.

We can honour our lower frequencies, choose to see the truth of the trigger, and then use that energy as fuel to move into a higher vibration, whether that’s one of forgiveness, love, humility, compassion, or curiosity.

I always say to my clients, if you can’t get compassionate, at least get curious! Curious to understand the truth of your situation or experience.

So Tuesday Truthbomb for you gorgeous:

Have you done the necessary work to move into a frequency of abundance?

Or have you just pandered to your ego and brushed it all under the carpet?

What do you really need to look at and shift within your energy to move into Abundance?

Journal prompts coming for you real soon :)

My love always



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October 23, 2018