The Fear of Shame

I’ve got something to share with you that might shock you… but also something I imagine will free you in ways you didn’t realise you needed freeing.

Let’s talk about shame, money, and fear…

When I set my intentions for the free 6 Days to M.O.R.E. Money Event, I had some super clear numbers in mind:

Invite 5000 people into the free event & Facebook Group
Convert 5% of those people into new MCM students
250 people @ £2000 each = £500,000 launch

That was the plan. That was the goal. And as the Money Consciousness Queen… the self-made millionaire, the woman who has repeatedly pulled off financial miracles and quantum leaps of exponential stature…. obviously I was going to make it happen.

The reality however was somewhat different:

We had 2127 people sign up for the free event (Facebook ads have been somewhat of a nightmare)

We currently have 64 new students for the Money Consciousness Method 2021

That’s a conversion rate of 3%

And a sales launch figure of £128,000 at the moment….

That is NO WHERE NEAR the intended goal, or the desired impact. Still amazing… but some way short of my desire.

This evening I took myself off to meditate and work my money code system (371946283) in honour of walking my talk and practicing what I preach to dig into WHY the numbers are where they are at the moment (obviously we’re not at cart close YET), and not at where I anticipated we might be at this stage in the launch.

In deep conversation with my Spirit Team they showed me something I needed to experience in order to relay this message to you….

The Fear of Shame, particularly Shame around Money. 

For a fleeting moment this evening my ego (or rather the collective ego) took the driving seat and declared something along the lines of:

“As the Money Queen you HAVE to pull off this 500k launch or you’re a fraud”

“As a Money Consciousness Coach you HAVE to magic money out of fresh air against the odds in THIS particular container, otherwise you’re not worthy of teaching the people you teach”

“If you don’t do this, if you’re a financial failure, you will feel SHAME”

“Shame shame shame… if your financial reality doesn’t match your financial desires”

BOOM. And In that moment I recognised that so many of you have this shame with money buried deep in your hearts. That’s why I was guided to feel it and witness it, so I could instantly alchemise it and share the blessing from it.

😣 You fear the potential shame you might feel if this programme DOESN’T work for you when it’s working for so many others

😣 You fear the potential shame you might feel if you can’t pay your second and third payments

😣 You fear the potential shame you might feel if you have to borrow money from family and can’t repay it

😣 You fear the potential shame you might feel if you have to say no to buying your kid new trainers

😣 You fear the potential shame you might feel if you don’t get the results you want and have to write yourself off as a failure

😣 You fear the potential shame you might feel if you don’t meet the ludicrous standards & expectations you’ve set yourself

But here’s the thing … having self-implemented expectations is the opposite of having self-supporting faith.

And the other thing is…. the numbers don’t even matter!!

Because despite it currently “only” being a £126,000 launch, and despite “only” having 64 sign ups, at the moment…. I still just signed the paperwork to buy myself a 2million pound home (we move next month, I can’t wait to show you!)

All my bills are paid, all my needs are met, and all my desires are fulfilled. AND I got to change & impact over 2000 lives in just one week! And I get to work with (at least) 64 more beautiful Souls INTIMATELY over the next 6 months and help their lives in even more profound and impactful ways.

It was NEVER about the numbers. It will never BE about the numbers. Money Consciousness doesn’t count pennies and pounds (or dollars) and parade them as flags of superiority!!

Money Consciousness simply ensures all your bills are paid, all your needs are met, and all your desires are fulfilled. 

I want for nothing. I always have more than enough money. The launch figures, the client numbers, the conversion rates… none of it matters. Because NONE of it changes my truth… I’m Money Conscious AF, abundantly supported, and always in receipt of everything I want and desire.

I want to share this with you so you can understand something foundational about me as your coach, and about Money Consciousness as a philosophy:

We will never ask you to provide figures to validate your worth.

You ARE worthy of abundance simply because you are. 

And all these people on the internet who make you feel inferior or shameful because they wave around their figures like trophies, and declare their debt free status’s as markers of superiority… these people are seeking their own validation through numbers… and that is NOT Money Conscious. Never has been. Never will be. And it’s also not for you. Which is why you’re here reading this instead. 

The numbers don’t matter. Your experience of LIFE however… that’s what matters. And I want it to be an abundant experience for you, like mine.

Don’t fear the shame. Shame can’t co-exist with Money Consciousness. 

I’ll continue to have these momentary insights in to how you feel, where you’re at, and what you need, so I can serve you best as your Money Consciousness Coach.

This is my gift… I have a unique capacity to understand money energetically, spiritually, scientifically, strategically, and intuitively in people so I can help them open up money flow in ways that work best FOR THEM.

There isn’t a scenario in which the Money Consciousness Method WON’T work for you… because a true consciousness perspective isn’t available for that reality anyway. 

There is nothing to fear, nothing to feel shameful about, and everything to get excited about. 

Imagine not having a fearful shame-based attachment to money and figures.

Imagine being so comfortable, conscious, and confident in your relationship with money that you can fully trust it, and yourself, to have all your bills paid, all your needs met, and all your desires fulfilled.

Imagine if the numbers themselves didn’t matter, and you simply experienced abundant flow.

Imagine not using money as a means to validate your worth. Imagine being completely non-attached and trusting in the receipt of true abundance.

Imagine a scenario where not hitting your financial “goals” actually didn’t matter AT ALL, because you’re still effortlessly abundant.

Imagine experiencing abundance that transcends a numerological value.


Will you be next to join us?

I’m heading to bed, I guess I’ll find out in the morning 🙂

Doors close in 9 hours!

>>> I don’t need to imagine… I’m signing up!! <<<

My love always