The Energy Of Wanting & Having More Without Shame

Money is such a dirty word to some people

And I notice a lot of my clients (prior to working with me) have a lot of shame about wanting and desiring more in their lives

It’s like the dirty little secret they only dare admit to me!

Because it’s wrong to want more than you already have

It’s wrong to want more when there’s so many other people surviving on significantly less than you

It’s wrong to desire anything above and beyond having your basic needs met

It’s selfish, indulgent, fanciful… I’ve run out of excuses

But I bet you can come up with more than just that

Why is it shameful or wrong for you to want and desire more abundance? Whether that abundance is money, relationships, opportunities, time, travel, career etc etc.

Let me know

Clients elect to work with me because they desire to honour themselves wholly, fully and completely.

And that means allowing themselves to want more, and have more, without guilt or shame, or worry, or panic, or anxiety, or fear.

We get to have it all with ease, grace, and flow.

Earlier today one of my clients messaged me on Instagram. She had just purchased a Chloe handbag. Darling those ain’t cheap. But they are bloody fabulous! And as she was messaging  me she was on her way to a blow out.

Because wanting, desiring and having it all is her new normal. Melissa, darling, you are welcome! ?

Melissa first took my Money Mindset System in April of last year. Less than a year later she is living her version of the Abundant dream. 

Whatever abundance means to you, the Money Mindset System is the route to having exactly that.

There is no shame in wanting what you want.

There is no guilt in having more than others. 

Actually having more than most is a service to humanity.

When we expand into our enlightened consciousness, especially financially speaking, we invite others around us to do the same. Inviting others into their own abundance is THE MOST selfless thing you can do.

Your desires are your hearts way of reminding you what your Soul is destined for.

You wouldn’t be able to desire something you’re not deserving of. It’s spiritual Law. It’s Universal Law. (My internet-breaking Universal Laws class is a free bonus with the Money Mindset System).

I could write all night about how much you can have it all, about how much you deserve it all, about how any guilt and shame you feel around money is unnecessary, un-serving, and only a result of conditioning you deserve to break free from, BUT, I’ve been singing from that hymn sheet for 48 hours straight and if you haven’t got the message yet, then perhaps this life-changing programme isn’t for you.

If you’re new to me and need to catch up to speed, join my Facebook group , or follow me on Instagram and read all my posts / watch my stories, to catch you up to speed.

Long story short, I’m the leading Money Mindset Coach & Expert in the UK. I’m also a Priestess of Light (super handy when it comes to coaching you through your money crap because my psychic senses and energy reading powers won’t let you stay in your limiting beliefs!).

See you on the gram!

Love Always

Harriette xx



Posted on

February 5, 2019