The difference between money mindset coaching and money consciousness coaching


I’m clearly spiritual AF, and have some pretty out there beliefs, but just because what I’m about to share with you is out there, doesn’t mean you have to jump on the woo woo bandwagon. This is just my way of explaining one version of the illusion because here is something I do know to be true:

All of life is an illusion. The experience we create for ourselves, and our subsequent ‘reality’ comes down to two things:

Our mindsets & our consciousness

We experience life through the filter of our mindset and the filter of our consciousness

I’m guessing you are familiar with mindset coaching right? .

Are you familiar with consciousness coaching?

Let me just explain to you quickly what consciousness coaching is. 

Everything in our Universe is energy. Agreed? Even you and me, and the conversation that’s happening here?

I’m guessing a lot of the information you’ve been absorbing on your self development journey so far has been cerebral, i.e. through the filter of your mind, your intellectual understanding & processing of the information presented to you.

Consciousness coaching pushes you to absorb information on a different energetic level, because a lot of it doesn’t make sense to the cerebral operating system in your body, so you’re forced to process it on a different level… on a consciousness level.

Are you familiar with energy chakras? I’m praying you say yes (but if you don’t it’s ok). It’s a pretty standard yogini concept that’s shared globally now with a series of cringe worthy hashtags on the gram. Hashtag, healed so hard I pulled a chakra. Awful. 

Your cerebral vortex exists at the third eye, this is predominantly where you’ve been receiving and processing information your whole life. Good for you. 

I need you to start processing on a Soul level, not an egoic one. So I need to collapse your Crown chakra into your third eye chakra in order for this stuff to sink in. 

This is part of what I do in the Money Consciousness Method online programme. 

But for now just keep remembering this:

All of life is an illusion. Your current reality is determined by your previous experiences which you project through the filter of your mind, creating your beliefs, which are the basis for your decisions, actions & achievements. Those experiences compound and crystallise your beliefs, which are the basis for your decisions… and off on the merry go round you go. And you can increase your bandwidth for new beliefs and improved reality through mindset coaching, or you can just blow the lid off your entire life with a little bit of consciousness. 

Are you ready for some consciousness coaching?

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My love always



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June 5, 2019