The collective power of the Rich Mentality


Holy Fuck Babe!


Call 1 of The Rich Mentality was NEXT LEVEL!!!


I’ve been embodying The Rich Mentality for months now, I’ve mastered it over lifetimes, but even I wasn’t prepared for it’s effect as it moved into the collective consciousness through this first call…


SHARING it has changed my life, again. And it’s changing the lives of the people who are now doing the work to embody it as we speak.


If you’re sitting there on the fence, thinking you’ve done money mindset before and the results were less than what you expected – this isn’t money mindset as you’ve EVER been taught before.

In fact we went into exactly what money mindset teachers and students miss when doing this work, which leaves them missing the desired goal completely.

So many people embark on money mindset journeys with the intention of dissolving their money scarcity in a bid to make money… but  here in lies the fucking problem… they’re doing this from the vibration of the old paradigms.


It’s not too late to sign up, what’s becoming abundantly clear is this training needs to be at the fingertips of as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. The collective embodiment of this knowledge can change the world.

The meditation and hypnosis from yesterday’s call are now available in the dashboard, and the full replay of the call soon will be too.

So you can instantly be guided to access the parts of your mind you’ve never accessed before, and uncover exactly what’s REALLY keeping you from a life of true abundance.

I will teach you how to become truly free from any conditioned thought or belief, instead creating autonomy of independent thought.


When you achieve this, you can not be controlled or influenced, and The Rich Mentality is yours to create whatever you desire to create.

Working under the older paradigms of money beliefs and money programming is akin to navigating life under the pressure of a curse or debilitating disease…. it slows everything down and makes life painful, excruciatingly frustrating and stressful …. as though you are constantly fighting through quicksand.

The Rich Mentality is light and quick… Law of Expansion and collapsing of time vibes.


In the first class, I take you out of the old paradigm that’s sinking you. You will be told exactly how money works and how you step into The Rich Mentality instantly.

This is rapid transformation into heightened knowledge and consciousness, which with your commitment, results in the embodiment of richness in all areas of your life.


Are you in?


<< Fuck yes I’m In >> 


My love always




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January 14, 2020