The bullshit they tell you about credit card spending


Monday morning messaging to set you up for the week. Repeat after me:

??This is my life

??I make my own rules

?? It’s all an illusion anyway

??It’s all happening for me

??I am a Soul within a body

?? Nothing is real

??It’s only as real as I want it to be

^^^ and that last one leads me to this:

All the bullshit you think you believe about credit and debt is only as real as you decide you want it to be

?High interest rates

?“too much” credit

?Evil loan sharks

?Credit / cash ratios

None of it is real!

I sparked a debate on Facebook today which went a little something like this…

Me: Spend whatever the hell you like. Honour your desires to have cash to spend, instead of paying down your perceived ‘debt’

Internet person: But isn’t that stupid? What about credit card companies that are designed to keep you in debt for the rest of your life?

Me: Virtual eye roll. Take my debt masterclass. It’s free. You’re welcome.

But here’s what I really wanted to say:

Babe, it’s not your money anyway. So what if you’re in debt until you’re dead? You taking cash or credit to the grave with you? No.

Are you expecting a round of applause at your funeral because you successfully paid down all your debt?

Is that what you want to be remembered for?

“Here lies …  – responsibly debt free”


“Here lies … – lived life to the full, tiny bit crazy, extra bit special, created a life full of overflow, and stuck the finger to the man… and boy was it fun!”

We are conditioned to take life so seriously, from such a young age. Being a grown up is sold to us as scary, full of responsibility, and boring. 

Is is though? Is it scary, overly responsible, or boring? I mean yeah if that’s what you’ve made it for yourself.

But it’s not from where I’m sitting. But then I refuse to believe anything that doesn’t work for me. 

Let’s just remind ourselves a few things about ‘debt’:

  1. Let’s stop calling it debt. Let’s call it credit instead.
  2. Credit and cash are equal in the eyes of the Universe. Both are designed to abundantly support us.
  3. Paying interest to the banks is just like paying any other service provider. You don’t moan about paying for food. Don’t moan about paying for money.
  4. Being a grateful paying customer to the banks, makes you a magnet for attracting your own grateful customers.
  5. Paying customers make the world go round.
  6. No one actually owns the money. It’s just energy.
  7. Your attitude towards money & energy is everything.
  8. Eradicate fear around ‘credit’ and you’ll eradicate all associated problems.
  9. You dictate how much credit you want to accumulate, and what you want your monthly payments to be (as long as you’re paying your minimums or a bit more you’re absolutely fine).
  10. Your friends & family don’t know as much about this stuff as I do. You don’t have to listen to them.

OK you’re welcome.

So, let’s come full circle. Repeat once more (and actually say it out loud, I don’t give a shit who gives you a funny look right now):

?This is my life

?I make my own rules

?It’s all an illusion anyway

?It’s all happening for me

?I am a Soul within a body

?Nothing is real

?It’s only as real as I want it to be

What do you want to make real babe?

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August 5, 2019